How to fit a vintage fully-fashioned stocking

I will be adding some genuine vintage fully-fashioned stockings from the 1950s to my online shop very soon. I have written this post for any potential customers to refer to when searching for their size.

If you do not know what a fully-fashioned stocking is, please refer to this post. If you would like to know what I think about these vintage stockings, I recommend reading my review.

How the measurements work

The perfect fit starts with the measurement of the foot of the stockings (please do not measure your own foot).

Foot length

Back of the heel to the point of the toe:

FullSizeRender-1This measurement is the stocking size and is necessary in order to convert the foot size to a standard shoe size.

Example stocking: The length of the foot is 10.5 inches.

I have adapted a stockings size chart from Stockings Showcase to help explain the sizing of this example stocking:

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 6.53.33 pm

So given the information that we have about the example stocking so far, we can already start to see the size of the stocking and begin to work out if it will fit or not: The length of the foot is 10.5 inches which is roughly an Australian shoe size 9.5 (but a 9 would also fit).

Please remember that these stockings will not stretch much so it is important to get this right, there is however a small amount of give.

Stocking length 

Top of the welt to the heel of the foot:

FullSizeRenderThis will the first stage of knowing how far up your leg a particular stocking will go.

Example stocking: This stocking is 32 inches long.

The length of the example stocking is 32 inches, however this does not indicate an inside leg length, this indicates the length of the stocking when it is flat. As the heel of the foot will take out some of the length, subtract about 2-4 inches from the length. As you will see in my measurements below, the length of the stocking when flat is 34 inches, but when worn, they come up 30 inches on my leg (which is the perfect fit for me despite having an inside leg length of 36″).

Measurement of the example stocking:

Length: 32 inches

Foot length: 10.5 inches

Australian shoe size: 9.5

Stocking size: 11.5

In order to provide you with a point of reference before I explain the measurement rules, I am providing my measurements and stockings size:

My inside leg length – 36″

My stocking length – 34″

When worn, my stocking length goes down to 30″

Shoe size – UK 9/ Aus 11

Stockings size – Around 10.5 (I can wear slightly smaller and slightly larger foot sizes)

I wear my vintage stockings with long suspender straps, as the stockings do not stretch much.

The are a few other features of note, firstly some of the stockings have writing printed on the welt. This is very retro and add something special to the stockings. Please note that the writing should be worn on the outside of each thigh:


Secondly, I will mention what sort of heel each pair has, they are most likely to be a cuban heel (check out this post to see what a cuban heel looks like) :

IMG_0708Lastly, some of the stockings have stretch welts, these will be reserved for plus-sized customers as they allow for a wider thigh.

Please feel free to contact me should you have an queries.


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