Great foundations are not just for pin-ups

It’s very easy to assume that the only people out there wearing vintage underwear are those who dress in an outwardly vintage or retro style, for example the pin-up girl. The internet is full of girls wearing dyed Rago corselettes, posing in studios with their victory rolls and painted lips. Although I really like these images, I always think that at the end of the shoot, those girls take off their lovely shapewear and stockings, and hide them away until the next shoot only to return to their normal undergarments in the meantime.


Photo of Courtney Crave in Rago Style 9051

This makes me very sad because those women look absolutely gorgeous and I am willing to bet that they felt a million bucks in their tight fitting girdles and soft stockings. I have previously written a post with some reasons that women don’t wear shapewear, which you can read here. I hope it helps anyone out there fighting with the idea of wearing structured underwear.

The types of images that I like to see are the women who obviously wear good shapewear and stockings on a daily or at least regular basis. I like to see images of ladies who don’t seem like the ‘type’ to wear such structured undergarments under their not so eye-grabbing clothes. To me, wearing this underwear isn’t just about recreating images of a past era, or about being sexy for my partner, this underwear is something that I love the feeling of, I love the shape it gives me, I love the way my legs look and feel in my nylon stockings and it is also something that I need. My body wasn’t made like a supermodel’s body and I like how much more confident in clothes I feel when I am girdled up. There are many other women (and men) who feel the same way and I really love seeing images of them, it’s a shame that they are not given as much attention as the pin-up ladies because I think they look fabulous!

These types of images are great because they make such underwear a lot more accessible to women who may not think they suit that style, they are a lot more real. So remember, you don’t need to look a certain way or dress in a certain styles, anyone can wear great foundations, so why not give it a go?


2 thoughts on “Great foundations are not just for pin-ups

  1. Great post. In fact, I was so used to wearing stockings, girdles and corsets on a daily basis that by the time I realized there was a fetish aspect there I almost had a problem: it was all just too “normal” for me to get kinky about it…

  2. As a male I know exactly what you are talking about. About 5 years ago I went to a corsetiere for a fitting in Rago 6210 girdle. With some Girdle Training you do get to the point you love the feeling of being well encased and held in. I believe back during the age of “Golden Age of Girdles” what you have discovered about girdles was a woman’s best kept secret. Some males like myself have also discovered this secret how great girdles really are.
    You have found this secret and I am happy you are spreading the word. Keep in up and keep spreading the positive word how great Vintage Girdles really are.

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