Ask me anything – Bullet bra pads & soft cup bras

In your review of the Rago 2202 bra you mention that you’re getting some bullet bra pads to go with it… Truly excellent review by the way! It helped me get the size right when I bought my own, which fits like a glove!

So I love my Rago 2202, but I would like some additional structure in the cups (this is my first bra without lined cups). I’m not very busty, and find that tight fitting dresses can squish the girls quite considerably when wearing a bra with soft cups. Do the bullet bra pads work well with the Rago 2202? I suppose I’m looking for a solution that would help with adding both some “stiffness” or shape to the cup and some padding in terms of a little added volume. You wouldn’t happen to have a picture of you in the Rago 2202 with the pads in place by any chance?

Saara from Sweden, long-time admirer of your lovely blog.

Hi Saara!

Thanks for your great question. I have taken some photos for you with and without the pads so that you can see the difference yourself.

The first photo shows one side with padding and one side without. As you can see, my right cup looks (and feels) just a little bit too big for me. I also have the same problem as you whereby some dresses flatten my boobs out. these pads are great because they are subtle and effective, not to mention cheap ($9 AUD). They are also perfect if you are in between cup sizes.



Below are some photos of me in my Rago style 2202 with and without the bullet bra pads.

Without padding





With padding

IMG_1526 IMG_1530 IMG_1527

These pads are available from What Katie Did and in my web store for those of you in Australia.

Hope this helps!


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