How to custom dye your underwear

I have seen plenty of ladies on social media wearing custom dyed underwear, most probably from Orchard Corset who are known to have dyed Rago’s white underwear all sorts of wonderful custom colours (unfortunately, they no longer offer this service). I am also feeling inspired by my fabulous friend Jasmine of Betty Le Bonbon who recently dyed some of her Rago pieces pink and yellow.IMG_20150210_141720So I thought, why the hell not? How hard could it be? Well I now know the answer to that question – It is not very hard to do when you use your brain and read labels.

I started out with the best of intentions and laid everything out, made sure I had the right quantity of everything –  I mean look how organised I was…


I used the below Dylon Intense Violet dye and thought it would be fine. I was planning on dying my white Rago bra and girdle this bright colour and thought I had it nailed. I mixed the dye in some warm water, added added salt to the tub them added the 6 liters of water, mixed the underwear around in the dye etc….

IMG_1714It was looking promising… things were turning purple, although not quite as intensely as I was expecting…

IMG_1722Then, after 45 minutes of stirring my underwear round and round and round, I realised that I had screwed up:


That was certainly not intense violet. So I read the packet again and realised that the reason the dye hadn’t taken was because I HAD BOUGHT THE WRONG DYE! I needed to use dye for synthetic fabric not natural fibers….. Boo me.

So now that my embarrassing screw up is out of the way, I can explain  how to actually dye your underwear properly.

You will need:

  1. The correct dye (read the pack and the label in your underwear if you’re not sure)
  2. A metal saucepan/ pot
  3. A stirring device
  4. White underwear of your choosing
  5. Water

I chose to use iDye Poly which I would absolutely recommend as it was very easy to use and the colour looks great. This pack cost me about $9 AUD from a sewing shop.


Before you start the process, if you’re colouring anything with suspension, try to remove anything plastic such as the gerter backs. If you’re not sure how to reattach them after the dying process, just take a photo of what it looked like so that you can remind yourself of how they went in.


IMG_1717Fill your pan up to the halfway line and turn on the heat. Wait for the water to simmer then add the dye and colour intensifier, if that is included in your pack.

Stir the water until the dye is completely dissolved, then add your undies! Make sure the underwear is mostly covered by the water and then just stir the underwear soup around every few minutes, for 30 minutes to an hour (I left it in the water for 45 minutes).

IMG_1734Once you have decided that your underwear soup is sufficiently cooked and you have more of less followed the time instructions on the pack, you can drain the pan (into a metal sink). Rinse the items until the water runs clear. I then just used some normal washing powder and hand washed them.

I tried to dry the bra and girdle as flat as possible as I was worried that the dye might dry unevenly, everything seems to have worked out fine in that respect.

I wore both pieces 2 days after colouring them and the dye did not rub off against my skin at all.

So there you have it, it really is very quick and easy and I even managed to not dye myself or anything in the house purple! I love how the set has turned out and I now want to dye everything I own!









12 thoughts on “How to custom dye your underwear

  1. I in the process of dyeing my underwear too. I dyed a target bra to practice and now want to move on to my Rago long line bra. I have a quick question and hope you can help. My concern is about the boning. Do you think using the stove method damage the boning?
    I used Rit dye on my bra which worked well in the sink with just hot water but I don’t think it will work as well on nylon.

  2. The iDye Poly has arrived from Canada (no British retailer stocked the pink), pink and turquoise, and my wonderful, RN, neighbour has lent me her jam pan. I’ll be making pantie soup tomorrow. I’m SO excited. Thanks so much Elinor

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