House of Satin Review

House of Satin have recently exploded onto the pin-up underwear scene and images of women wearing their garments are popping up all over social media. Understandably so too, with it being one of the cheapest manufacturers of lingerie of that style.

I have to say that I was intrigued so I decided to give them a go and bought a few items. I chose all white garments because I’m obsessed with white at the moment, these are the items I chose:

  • Vintage style white satin full coverage bra – £9.95
  • Vintage style white satin suspender belt – £14
  • Vintage style white satin briefs – £5.50


Here is what I thought of the set…

Sizing & Fit

The first stumbling block that I had, even before trying on this set was trying to figure out which sizes to buy. The bra was easy enough, I just opted for my normal bra size which is a 36DD. It was when I got to the suspender belt and knickers that I struggled. The options for the belt are as follows:

  • Small 27-31inch waist (dress size 10-12)
  • Medium 32-35 inch waist (dress size 14-16)
  • Large 36-39 inch waist (dress size 18-20)
  • X Large 40-43 inch waist (dress size 22-24)

I am a size 14-16 with a waist measuring 30 inches, so was I a medium or a small? The difference between 27 and 31 inches (size small) seems quite big to me, I would prefer 2 inch differences per size, for example – 27-29 inches rather than 27-31.



So I spent a good few minutes, putting the small size in the basket, then removing it and adding the medium, then removing that etc… Eventually I settled on a size small and it fits perfectly.

For the knickers, I chose a large which is a size 16-18 (waist 33-35 inches) – I’m not sure why the waist is being take into consideration here as these should sit on the hips.

I think House of Satin need to fine-tune their sizing. Luckily everything I bought fits my body, well apart from one thing…


Sorry ….

The knickers… Now I have a big bum, I’m not even going to pretend that it’s small. My bum is big, wide and round and needs a fair amount of fabric to cover it. I don’t think that I will be able to wear these for the simple reason that they give me a builder’s bum (not a good look)! I think that the pattern-makers might have cut a pattern for a small size and then just added a few inches to the sides to make sure they fit around bigger hips.

The suspender belt fits me quite well. The only comment that I would make is that because the waist band is so stretchy, the fabric is consequently very baggy when not stretched out.

Below are 2 photos, the first one is the belt stretched out to the maximum (the fabric is smooth) and the second one is not stretched out (the fabric is very baggy).



In my opinion, a suspender belt shouldn’t be that baggy, however that is only my personal taste. As this is the smallest size available, I would say that anyone smaller than me would get some bagginess around the waist, for me however this is not an issue (maybe that’s a sign I need to go to the gym…).

The bra is interesting as it fits me perfectly, the band is literally perfect, as are the cups. It’s also incredibly comfortable and supportive, which I was impressed by. I also really loved how the bra is shaped around the top of the cups, they form a sort of semi-circle which looks really pretty. However, I do not think the bra has been designed/ sewn as well as it could have been – It doesn’t matter how much I move the bra around, there is a lot of puckering in the seam that joins the two cups together, as you can see from the photo below:



Now before I say anything else, may I just say that at the prices House of Satin are charging, I am certainly not expecting perfection. Everything that I’m saying here is constructive feedback.

The fabric used is mostly polyester and this is to be expected, consequently everything is pretty shiny and satiny which is probably where their name comes from! However, this is not a problem for me at all. There is one thing that I do have an issue with though, and that is that after wearing the bra for a couple of minutes, I noticed that there was some serious fraying going on in the seams…

IMG_2197I think this really needs to be resolved, I’m not sure what the answer here is but I’m a bit worried that the bra might unexpectedly burst open.

However, one thing that I was very impressed by were the suspenders. The straps are wide, they are adjustable and the garters are made of metal. These are some of the fundamental things that a lot of designers screw up on, in my opinion. I’m never going to wear anything with thin straps and plastic clips. So 10/10 for that aspect!


 Would I buy products from House of Satin again?

After all the flaws that I have listed, yes I would actually. I think that it’s a great little company with some very cute designs. House of Satin would be the perfect place for a vintage lingerie newbie to start out, the designs are pretty, the prices are amazing and it’s a lot of fun. If a newbie is looking into trying out some retro underwear, I would certainly recommend this brand to them but can see quickly progressing onto other better developed brands such as What Katie Did.

I’m planning on buying the following items next:




I wish House of Satin the best of luck and hope that my feedback has been constructive.


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