Jasmine reviews House of Satin

When recently I was introduced to House of Satin, I just had to try some of their items.
They looked promising and were so well priced. It was just a must.Even shipping from the UK it was very very affordable.
I ordered a Long line Bra and had to go a rough guesstimate of what my size would be.I ordered a 40F
It was $11.95 GBP
($20.37 AUD, I know right!! so cheap)
A 6 strap Suspender belt in a 2xl – $14.00 GBP
($27 AUD)
And a pair of the satin Panties in black and white $5.50 GBP
($10.65 AUD)
They arrived safe and sound. The postage was very well priced for shipping to Australia.
For Reference my Measurements are as follows
Dress size: 18
Bra size: 38G
Chest: 48.5
Waist: 37
Hips: 50
So without any further or ado…
Longline Bra and Suspender Belt from House of Satin
Rago Shaper Panties
Big Tights Company Stockings
The Long Bra is a surprisingly good fit. I am always a little unsure with long-lines such as this as I have to play a bit of a lottery with the sizes.
In this case I ordered a 40F (I am usually a 38G)
Whilst yes it is a little loose under the bust, the cups do fit well and it is surprisingly comfortable.
Being a soft cup, I am always a little hesitant at the support level for the Girls. I need not fear though as this bra does the job well.
The back sits quite low for a long line bra so it would work with outfits with a lower or scoop back. There is a Five hook clasp at the back with two rows.
It is constructed well enough, there is the odd rough edge but no fraying as of yet. It is very comfortable to wear. It does have two bones that do dig into me a little, which I will explain in a bit.
I added some bullet bra pads for a more pointed shaped for one wearing but this was not necessary for me, the bra itself gave a good shape.
Without the pads:
 With the pads:
 My only two criticisms with this bra –
One, It has two bones in the sides. The boning ends rather roughly and is not padded enough, therefore it digs into my sides.
It should either be more padded and/or run all the way to the waist band.
Two, it would greatly benefit from a firmer and wider waist band at the bottom. This may help anchor the boning and stop any roll up.
The belt was a nice and very affordable 6 strap. It fit well as I expected and the straps seemed nice and sturdy.
The satin material was a little baggy / bunchy even when fully stretched out which I was not a huge fan of but it is not a deal breaker
The Clips as a nice and sturdy cast metal clip with fabric tabs which is good to see.
As with the bra there were a few raw edges that could have been better finished.
But over all as a entry level cheaper product it did the job credibly.
Now Alas I have to come to the panties…
OH DEAR GOD, they were comically bad. It as if the pattern was just simply sized up from a small to the 2xl by adding inches to the side.
They are completely unwearable. I was not even willing to take pictures in them.
I did however pop the white pair over some leggings to show how badly they fit
So low at the front they were just uncomfortable, unflattering and with complete builders bum at the back, As well as bagginess.
So so so not attractive.
They will never been worn and have already been reused.
In my humble opinion the pattern needs reviewing completely. Bigger sizes need more than just scaling up
All in all though. I was very pleasantly surprised with the fit and comfort of the House of Satin products I tried. They are a great lower price product and with a few little tweaks could be amazing..
Have you tired House of Satin yet?

2 thoughts on “Jasmine reviews House of Satin

  1. Jasmine, I completely agree with you on the longline bra – the boning and the waist band needing to be thicker. Mine rolls up slightly and makes the digging in problem even worse. I am actually thinking of sewing in a thicker band to combat that problem. Great bras for the price though! 🙂

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