Opera length stockings for tall ladies

I recently wrote a post about my experience of wearing tights for a day, which you can read here. Needless to say, I did not enjoy the experience and will not be doing it again anytime soon. There was a time, long ago when I wore tights all the time, which was handy because I also liked wearing short skirts a lot. Since I have been wearing stockings on a regular basis, the length of my skirts and dresses has increased significantly. I now wear knee-length skirts, if not longer, mainly because I now prefer them and also because they work much better with stockings.

However, I understand that longer skirts are not everyone’s cup of tea, so I would like to propose a solution to the tall ladies out there who like to wear a shorter skirt with stockings – Opera length stockings!


Long stockings are really handy if you’re worried about your welts showing due to the length of your skirt.


As they usually sit just beneath your bum, they create a bit of a lift which is always a bonus, especially if you want more of a ‘bubble butt’.


Another bonus is that they prevent chafing between the thighs.

So how can you achieve this look? How can you get your stockings to come up that high on your thighs?

At 5’11” I am tall for a woman and have previously struggled to find stockings that came up high enough on my legs, let alone ones that sat just beneath my bum. The fact that I have quite chunky thighs was also problematic.


There are two types of stockings that you can look out for if you are tall like me:

1. Plus size stretch stockings – Stretchy stockings stretch in all directions which makes them easier to yank further up the thigh. Plus-size stockings will usually have an extra bit of give in the welt and they are generally longer.

2. XL nylon stockings – If you have chunky legs like mine (I’m constantly told that I don’t have chunky thighs but trust me when it comes to stockings sizes, I do) you need to get a lot of length in those stockings. Nylon stockings are not very stretchy and are volumetric, this means that if you have slim straight legs, they will come up higher on you, however if you have larger legs, they will come up shorter. For this reason I need to wear the largest pair of nylon stockings that I can find to achieve this look.


The next important part to get right is the suspension. I’m afraid that this will not work with girdles, you must wear a suspender belt as the straps typically come up higher than a girdle which sits lower on your hips. The best option is to get a suspender belt with adjustable straps which means that you can pull the stockings up as high as you want them to go. The more straps you have on the belt, the more control you have with regards to where you get the welts to sit. For example, if you wear a six strap belt, there will be some sagging between the straps, however with a 14 strapped (as pictured in this post) you can pretty much achieve straight welts.

If you would like to buy a suspender belt, I sell a variety of styles ranging from six to 14 straps in lots of different styles in my webstore.

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 6.04.26 pm

I also sell the stockings pictured in this post, click here to be redirected to them.

In terms of other places that sell length stockings, it is worth checking out Gio as they sell some stunning long stockings:

Point heel stockings


Another great brand to look at is The Big Tights Company as they are extra long and of course cater for plus-size ladies:

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 6.22.05 pm

So give long stockings a go, they are great fun!



5 thoughts on “Opera length stockings for tall ladies

  1. This is a wonderful discussion. I am very tall but always liked to wear my stockings very high on my legs. The problem has always been to have a belt with the garters up high enough to fasten my stockings very snugly as I like them. Rago makes a vdery nice short strap belt with up to 14 straps. It looks as if the model in the photo just above is wearing one of them.

  2. I wear opera length stockings for the main reason Elinor has mentioned- prevents inner thigh chafing. However, the only option I know of to keep the longer stockings in place is to wear a suspender belt. I am 5-8, not quite as tall as Elinor though. My preference is to wear the longer stockings with an open-bottom girdle, but the garters are much lower down my thighs. Other than wearing an OBG or all-in-one over my suspender belt, what options do I have?

  3. Hi Elinor,
    Where do you get such long stockings? My wife is 6ft tall and has ‘chunky thighs’ like you or as I like to call them – proper thighs.. 🙂

    I bought her two pairs of ‘extra tall’ stockings by Gio but they are not nearly long enough. Certainly not opera length.

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