Long Corselettes?

Hi Elinor,

I truly enjoy your site and your photos. I too enjoy great foundation garments and Nylons, but I have a problem finding an open bottom all-in-one that will fit me properly. I’m tall (6′ 1″) and long waisted and cannot find one that fits properly. I would also prefer one where the hips are only about 10 12″ wider than the waist. Any ideas?  


Hi Ashley,

I’m also tall, but not quite as tall as you (5’11”), and I have this problem too.

I absolutely adore What Katie Did Corselettes and the Rago all-in-ones but they are just too short. I personally think this is a bit of a shame as traditionally they would have come further down the thigh, even on shorter ladies.

However, I insist on wearing my WKD Glamour corselette, despite it being too short for me, as you can see below:


The only solution that I can offer you is to make your own corselette by pairing a longline bra with a girdle. I Often do this, because I’m tall but also because it prevents bulge between the bra and the top of the girdle.

As you are long bodied, I would suggest going with a longline girdle, such as a Rago 1294 and pairing it with a longline bra.

Below are some examples of pieces that I have combined to create an all-in-one style:



I’m sorry that I can’t give you links to long all-in-one pieces but I hope this helps. If you do mange to find some longer corselettes, please let me know!


2 thoughts on “Long Corselettes?

  1. My daughter, at 5ft 11in prefers a separate girdle and longline bra for that classic look. Don’t know if she even has a corselette.

    In the time her mother and I were dating in the 1970s and early 1980s, they were hard to find in her cup size.

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