Which Rago girdle is right for me?

Hi Elinor, 

I am on the verge of purchasing my first Rago piece of shapeware and I was wondering if you have an opinion or can contrast the 1294 and the 6210? I got the impression that the 6210 is the closed-legged version of the 1294. I am just not sure which might do. Thanks for any help! 

Cheers from Canada, 

Hi Jessica!

Yes you are right, they are very similar garments and the 6210 is the closed bottom version of the 1294.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 6.39.22 pmWhich piece is better for you depends on your requirements. I would say that if you are concerned about thigh chafing then the 6210 would be better for you. The 6210 is also slightly more versatile than the 1294 as you can wear it under trousers, without stockings. I wouldn’t recommend wearing the open bottom girdle without stockings however, as it might roll up and be very annoying.

I always feel very sexy in the 1294 and despite the numerous quality issues that I have had with the piece, it is still a great girdle.

They are both very effective garments and smooth out problem areas perfectly, however I would recommend pairing both pieces with a longline bra so that you don’t get a pinch between the bra strap and top of the girdle.

Hope this helps!


3 thoughts on “Which Rago girdle is right for me?

  1. Five years ago I went to a professional corsetiere for a fitting in a girdle and some “girdle training”. If you follow these steps you should find them very helpful.

    1. First being fitted in the right kind of foundation garment for your life style and your figure. The corsetiere asked me a lot about my lifestyle, I am very active but I work sitting on computers. She measured my hips and my waist and she picked the Rago 6210 and she advised me to go 2 sizes smaller. Keep in mind a girdle does stretch and to give you needed support and control it is best to purchase a girdle that is tight.

    2. Learn how to properly put on a girdle to get the most about of benefit of being in a girdle. Lay down on your bed, lean way back, pull up you knees, and pull up you girdle, hook up the hooks and eyes and stand up.

    3. Learn how to keep your stomach relaxed and just rely on a girdle and foundation wear for supporting your posture. This is the most important part, and probably the hardest part, it can take a few weeks to even months, but well worth it, just rely completely on a girdle to support your posture. You will be amazed how great you will feel with much more energy and confidence.

    4. Then developing a daily routine – wake up each morning, clean up and put on a girdle. Do this everyday without question. Keep in mind a decent vintage girdle is not just for getting all dressed up but should be worn even when relaxing around the house.

    This is important and not really well known, there are health benefits to wearing a vintage girdle like the Rago 6210 everyday. It has to do with the fact that has humans we stand erect standing erect along with gravity and time has a very negative effect on your internal organs choosing to wear a decent girdle will support and hold you internal organs in their normal natural position.

    It is also recommended to own at least on a minimum 3 girdles, one to wear, one in your girdle draw, and one to cold wash and air dry.

    If you would like to comments about girdles and corsets please go to http://www.voy.com/224381/ – we would love hearing from you.
    There is also a girdle chat room http://www.chathour.com/chatroom/Girdle_Chat
    If you have any questions you can reach me at toms_0321@yahoo.com

  2. those two styles have become the workhorses of my collection!
    My everyday girdles.

    Rago is to the girdle what Dodge is to the automobile. High performance and good looks at a relatively low price. The tradeoff is durability and maintenance cost. .

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