My second review of Dita’s collection

This is the second time that I have written a post about Dita von Teese’s lingerie collection. The reason that I’m writing about this again is because I have gone back to Myer to try on her lingerie, as I have been wishing and hoping that I was having a bad day and that actually there are some really good aspects to her lingerie. Before I start though, I just want to point out that I really admire Dita for her work as a burlesque performer and think she has a gorgeous sense of style. It was actually her that influenced me to investigate awesome lingerie and I love her for that.

So, let me start with the good stuff…

Aesthetically I think a lot of her pieces are very pretty and some of the colorways are gorgeous. I really love how she has explored some vintage bra shapes as well as incorporating some modern shapes and structures into her collection.

I think that the fact that she has suspension to match all the bras and knickers is a positive aspect of her collection. It most definitely encourages women to wear stockings with their underwear, and as a daily wearer of stockings, I think this is great.

One thing that I really liked was the longline part of the longline bra I tried on, I thought it was the right length and was actually very supportive, it gave me a good shape and pinched me in at the waist.

I also think that putting her lingerie in a high street store is great as it makes it accessible to everyone, rather than being sold in an intimidating boutique (I say this because I’m sometimes intimidated by small ‘up-market’boutiques).

Now for my constructive criticism:

When it comes to lingerie/ foundations/ underwear whatever you want to call it, for me it is all about practicality. What I mean by this is that if it looks pretty, thats lovely but if it’s not going to support my bust, smooth my figure or hold up my stockings, it is not going to work for me.

This Madame X set is very pretty but i couldn’t wear it to work, and that is a show stopper for me. The bra is very cute and I could wear it to work (if it was in my size, I will discuss this later in this post), but I don’t like wearing underwired bras due to my ribs which protrude out quite far, which causes aching. That’s my problem though. The garment that I really have a problem with is the suspender belt.


I am curvy, I have big hips and chunky thighs, and I don’t have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with is wearing a suspender belt that provides zero support to my body and stockings. Now, I’m not expecting a suspender belt to smooth out my hips as a firm control girdle would, they are not usually designed to do this. What I expect from a belt however is for it not to create more lumps and bumps  around my hips. I feel like this item would only look good on a slim woman, it just made me look like a Christmas ham.

Secondly, the straps are extremely disappointing. There are only four straps, which I do not take issue with as I often wear girdles with four straps, however if you are going to design something with the bare minimum of straps, it is important that they are strong and able to hold up stockings. In the above photo I am pulling one of the front straps down to where a standard stocking would sit. The belt just followed it south and created a bulge on my belly. I personally don’t think wearing my stockings around my ankles is a good look. I would have made the waist band a lot thicker to keep the whole thing in place, and of course added thicker straps and bigger clips to help keep up the stockings.


I also tried on this dress/ slip (?):


I’m not sure in which situation I would wear this, is it shapewear? Is is for the bedroom? Is it outerwear? My guess is that it’s a tight slip to be worn under a tight dress. It was very comfortable but not very supportive, it certainly didn’t flatten my tummy. If it is not designed to be worn as shapewear, then I take that back. I am also unsure about the practicality of this garment, in my opinion anything that is tight against the skin like this but does not have suspenders attached, tends to ride up. In this photo I am wearing a size 14 as this is the biggest size I could find, perhaps a size 16 would have been better.

With regards to sizing, I looked through all the different styles, including the huge sale rack but couldn’t find any bras larger than a 36D (I’m a 36DD) or any suspender belts/ slips/ dresses larger than a 14 (I’m a size 14/ 16). I understand that consistently providing a broad range of sizes, including plus-sizes can be expensive for retailers, as a lot of the time the larger sizes don’t end up selling. However, I didn’t think that stocking a size 16 slip or a 36DD would be that much of a problem.

The pricing of her collection is out of my price range and to be honest I can find underwear which is more to my taste for a lot less money. That is all I’m going to say on the topic of pricing.

I wish that Dita would have been braver with her designs and used her influence to get women into underwear that is both pretty and practical. I don’t think that if Dita decided to wear stockings under her clothes for the day, that she would choose her suspender belts to keep her suspenders up, because they wouldn’t work.

I would like to make it clear that all of the above is just my opinion and that I do not have an issue with other people liking her lingerie. If you own anything from Dita’s collections, what do you like/ dislike about it? I would love to hear your thoughts.


7 thoughts on “My second review of Dita’s collection

  1. (I’ve not tried any of them yet.) I feel her pieces are very pleasing to the eye, and that there is some vintage flair to overall modern lingerie. Based on your findings, it sounds like these pieces are really for the modernly clothed woman–such as the garter belt not providing any support for real deal stockings. Perhaps, they only intended to attach to modern hosiery. I’m sad to hear that there aren’t many functional attributes to her lingerie, because they are pretty! Sorry to hear that some people has taken upon themselves to call you names for your last review. If these things don’t suit you, they just don’t! I mean, I love Dita–her style is amazing and look is beautiful, but you were only expressing your opinion of the quality of goods, that is not a personal attack on her.

  2. Hi Elinor!

    While I haven’t had the chance to try her new range since she was with Wonderbra (and that was a strange case of things not fitting true to size and odd construction), I do agree with a lot of your points. However, in terms of sizing, I know for a lot of the basics she included F cups, but most of the stockists who carry her brand don’t order those sizes which is really too bad. I do really wish her suspenders were made more practical, because some of them are gorgeous and I would love to be able to wear them daily instead of the special occasion items they’ve been created to be.

    I’m curious about how you found the fit of her bras? Is it fairly true to size in terms of the back and cup? If I do end up ordering I don’t want to end up with the oddity I had when I ordered one of her Wonderbra ones!

    All the best! x.

    • Yes I agree, if her lingerie were more practical and actually worked, I would be all over it! I can’t help you with regards sizing as I couldn’t find my size at the Myer I went to.

  3. I have bits of the Madame X set and agree with the suspender belt. I do find it slides down during the day and the garter sliders also slip so through the day your stockings just end up so much further down then you would like.
    However I find with the ‘Glorified Girl’ set by Dita the suspender belt is great, it has 6 straps with nice firm elastic and clips and it doesn’t slide down. Also it feels a lot more structured than other pieces she has done with more obvious vintage inspiration.

  4. Hello Elinor
    I have a bra and knickers MADAME X and it fits me very well
    The bra lace is beautiful and with my small bra size (34B) i find it push up so wMissell
    But I agree with your desappointement about the garter belt thats why I didnt bought it
    And I did not bought any Dita garters ! When you taste the WKD or any retro vintage straps you cannot seriously wear that ! I was wandering about the robe but your perfect test let me the last questions i had and I am sure that i do not order too !!
    Nevertheless congratulations Miss for your nice blog so really and with your sincere feeling
    I like very much ❤
    ( sorry for my bad english I am French)
    Rouge Baisers
    Miss Eva –

    • As a man of the fifties, nothing beats the beautiful funtionality of those evolved, tailored items I still seek. “The golden age of girdles” was just that in my mind. Ditas line is stripperwear and an affectation to me. A fabric tatoo in effect for skinny young girls trying to look racy. Body jewelry only. A lively markey no doubt. Who’d blame Dita. I myself
      love pastels, pale yellow peach, buttermint colors I like to think. Ditas not for actual women. For all her nostalgia name, she wouldn’t have worked at all
      back in the day. Personally I didn’t find ANY appeal..
      sorry from s.e. mich. too! John B. give me a formfit “skippies”, or a strauss-adler “young smoothie”, any day. Now you’re talking design bliss!

  5. Elinor, thanks for your enjoyable work at a favorite
    joy of mine. Once a hidden
    passion I’ve forgiven myself and now honor my honest glory in this beautiful area of interest. Thanks again I love your work! Wonderful!

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