Shapewear and stockings – Tips on wearing to the office?

Hi Elinor,

I recently started wearing my stockings with my Rago open bottom girdle to work but have found the garter clips dig into the back of my thighs even leaving welts. It’s a large and for reference, my measurements are 36-38-42. I would like to wear stockings to work everyday but I have more questions.  

1. Should I size up with my girdle? 
2. I’m only 5’2 and have a hard time finding stockings that fit my gigantic thighs but aren’t too long. Could you make some suggestions? 
3. Do you have any tips for wearing stockings to an office job 5 days a week?  
4. Is there any way to avoid garter clips in the back of this type of shape-wear as they are a nuisance.  

Thank you so much. I appreciate any guidance


Hi Meg,

Those are some very good questions! I have tried my best to answer them below:

1. I think the Rago size chart is pretty difficult to understand and doesn’t really represent what will fit different shapes and sizes effectively. You can check out my measurements here, but I have a waist measuring 30.5″ and 44″ hips, I wear an XL in Rago girdles. Despite this size being for 40 inch hips, it still fits me (it is stretchy, although quite firm). So with you having quite a straight body with a 38″ waist and 42″ hips, you may want to size up, yes. Wear a longline bra with the girdle to give you a little more support too.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 3.36.58 pm

2. Lots of ladies have been asking me about stockings for shorter legs recently. As I’m tall, I have the opposite problem, but I think the below two brands and styles might be a good start (plus they are pretty cheap). I have worn both of them and tend to have to wear a suspender belt with long straps or a girdle low down to make them work on my long legs. They are really stretchy and comfortable too. If you still find them to be too long, you can fold the welt in half and clip the belt to the folded section, that will shorten them a little bit more.

Cervin Nymphe traditional crepe stretch RHT stockings


Levante Vanessa diamond top stockings


3. I would suggest taking a back-up pair with you in your handbag. When I started out wearing stockings every day, I used to snag them in every way possible – when taking them out of the pack, when putting them on, I would wack my handbag against my leg and snag them, or I would take short cuts through bushes and tear them to shreds etc. I am a seriously clumsy person so if I can master wearing stockings and not shredding them, anyone can! You need to make sure that your feet are smooth, so take care of them too. Learn to know your environment, if you are close to something with a sharp edge, identify it and make sure you don’t brush your legs against it. I barely ever snag stockings anymore, it just takes a little practise to become mindful or what you are walking close to; I previously wrote a post about just this. Until you have mastered wearing stockings well, I wouldn’t recommend going to work in fully-fashioned stockings just yet. Go to  Stockings HQ and stock up on cheapies. Another thing I would add to that is that you should wear stockings that are comfortable because you need to enjoy wearing them daily, rather than it being a chore, or even painful. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

4. If you go for shapewear or suspension that has the straps placed further around your hips rather than directly behind each thigh, I find this helps greatly. I would especially recommend suspender belts as the clips are placed to one side (this one is the 14 strap belt from my shop):


If you’re looking for a girdle however, I would suggest something like this (10 strap girdle from Nylonz):


I hope this helps!


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