Introduction to the Ava & Rose Boutique Playsuit

While I adore firm control shapewear and stockings, I do still love chilling out in less restrictive garments, subsequently loungewear is something that I am getting into more and more. Although it’s very easy to change into a loose t-shirt and leggings after a long day at work, I don’t feel very glamorous when I’m wearing those things. I want to feel beautiful all day long, and that includes when I’m at home doing…well not very much.

I will be blogging more about loungewear, and I want to start with this Ava & Rose Boutique playsuit. A&R sells custom make easy-to-wear playsuits and wrap skirts that can be worn from daytime retro wear to romantic sleepwear for women. Suzanne, the brains behind this cute brand, has created a collection of loungewear that is both suited to wearing around the house, but also for special occasions, such as your honeymoon.

In these photos I am wearing a size medium cotton voile playsuit, available here.

9-ACE_1092This playsuit is made of cotton which is handy for me as the summers in Sydney are ridiculously hot. Most of the time, I just want to walk around in the nude (at home…) because I can’t bear anything touching my skin, but I can see this being a socially acceptable alternative!

5-ACE_1144.NEFOver the last couple of weeks I have  worn this playsuit around the house and as sleepwear. It is very comfortable to sleep in, and the halter neck straps can be loosened around the neck for extra comfort.

8-ACE_1086.NEFThis is not my usual style, I usually go for very functional garments, however I couldn’t help but feel pretty in cute design! I would love to own one of these playsuits in a similar design but made from satin fabric.

4-ACE_1140.NEFIn these photos I am not wearing any underwear underneath the playsuit, and although that is fine for lounging around the house and sleeping in, I would recommend wearing strapless bra (I no longer have the perky breasts that I had when I was a teenager!). In terms of sizing, this medium size fits my measurements well, although due to my small waist (relative to my hips and bum), there was a little bit of extra fabric around my mid-section that I would like to have taken in a little.


6-ACE_1169If you are a fan of pretty details on clothing, this playsuit has everything you need, from feminine trims to pretty flower appliqués. If you prefer less fuss, Ava & Rose Boutique also creates simpler designs such as this one and this one.


Lastly, I personally think that my big round bum looks fabulous in the frilly shorts!


For more informations about this product or other products in the Ava & Rose Boutique, please contact Suzanne.


3 thoughts on “Introduction to the Ava & Rose Boutique Playsuit

  1. Oh, no.. I have the serious urge to shout “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!” right about now. 😦 Why are you doing this to me. Why. It looks very lovely and I’m jealous.

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