My Everyday Glamour – Elinor

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My Everyday Glamour

A question that I am repeatedly asked is why do I wear this underwear? It seems like a lot of effort for something that nobody will see, so I’m told. I totally understand that mind set, why invest so much time, effort and money in something that’s going to be covered up by clothes? For me, and many other women, there are many benefits to wearing retro shapewear, one of which is the beautiful silhouette it can help to achieve. Another major plus for me is the way it makes me feel, not only physically but mentally.

I struggle to make myself look good most days, I’m not looking for compliments, I’m just telling you the truth. I have issues with my skin (I have the skin of a teenager, despite being 28), my hair refuses to ever cooperate/ stay attached to my head. I work in an office so I try my best to wear a style that I like whilst adhering to a corporate dress style and finally, well I just don’t have the time to get myself glammed up every day. I’m also usually too busy during the day to touch up my makeup, and I have been know to walk around for an entire day with lipstick smeared across my face. I am in no way glamorous.

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I wish that I could wake up in the morning, slap some moisturiser onto my face, brush my hair and slip into some super gorgeous outfit. The reality is somewhat different, I wake up with about 20 minutes to get ready (I sleep through my alarm nearly every day), I have a quick shower, examine my skin to see how horrific it is that day, find some clothes that are clean/ don’t need to be ironed and that hopefully look smart/ go together and shove my hair into a ponytail. I have also become very adept at drawing cat-eyes on with liquid eyeliner, on a moving bus.

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So based on the above, you must be wondering why this post is called ‘My Everyday Glamour’, right? I haven’t painted a very glamorous lifestyle so far. Well it’s called that because I want to tell you about how I make myself feel glamorous on a daily basis despite all of these…obstacles.

I wear moderate to firm shapewear and stockings every day. It doesn’t matter if I am running to the shops to buy some milk or if I have an important meeting at work that day, I always make sure that I’m wearing the best shapewear that I can that day. Even if I’m wearing trousers, I try to wear the nicest bra I can find.

I love the feeling of firm shapewear pressing against my body, and I really love the feeling of nylon stockings against my skin. I love the tug of the back suspender straps as I walk and I love the little nylon wrinkles I get around my knees and ankles. I also love feeling my smoothed out figure and nipped waist with my hands. It makes me behave and walk differently, compared to when I’m not wearing this underwear, and most importantly, it makes me feel beautiful and glamorous.

2015-03-19 (Nylon Swish Studio Shoot)-121

Since I really started to wear this style of underwear and hosiery, I feel like I have changed completely as a person; my character has changed and the things that I like to do have changed but most importantly I have a lot more confidence in myself. You can watch my YouTube video and listen to how this blog came about, but to summarise, despite being about 6 kgs heavier now, I love my body a lot more than I did two or three years ago. I used to dread looking in the mirror and felt rubbish about myself most days. Clothes never seemed to hang well off of my body and it really upset me. What has changed? I haven’t read any self-help books, or been hypnotised into loving my own body. All I have done is sculpted it into the shape that I want each day with the help of retro shapewear. I have control over my body now, and despite what I might look like on the outside, I FEEL beautiful and that is the most important thing for me.

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If you feel beautiful, confidence will shine out of you.


All underwear featured in this post is available in my online boutique.

6 thoughts on “My Everyday Glamour – Elinor

  1. Wearing decent vintage foundation wear daily just helps you become the best you and can be and also helps you get in touch with your own femininity. Sorry to say most women in the present do not get how beneficial decent foundation wear really is.
    Once you go through some form of girdle training you will be hooked for life and you will love it. The benefits are there, but you do have to keep a open mind keep relaxed and just allow things to happen, and you will notice how much more energy and confidence you will have being firmly girdled every day.
    I can tell reading your posts you know exactly what I am talking about, and you are doing a great job spreading the positive word.

  2. I understand your reasoning completely. I love shapewear and stockings, and when I’m wearing it and chatting with a guy, I know that he doesn’t know and it’s my little secret. It makes me feel good and in control.

  3. YES foundation undergarments were part of the “uniform of the day” back in the early 1950s and still have the same appeal to both men and women just as fine – elegant lingerie (not trashy stuff) nhas a universal appeal to both men and women.

  4. The posing and revealing that you did for this article belie your self-description. In my opinion (I’ve been a petticoat and stocking fetishist since 1959.) you are an exquisite model and a Nylon Goddess (I feel this way about Jasmine also.) Do you have any idea how rare -and wonderful – that is in a young woman? You are a feminine and seductive lady, Elinor. That’s an almost unreal thing in 2015. Thank you.

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