Stocking length versus suspension length

A frequent complaint from stocking wearers is that they often get bagginess around their knees or ankles. Choosing the correct stockings to pair with either a girdle or a suspender belt is something that has taken me a long time to get right, and in fact, I still get it wrong sometimes.

I personally don’t mind a little ankle wrinkle when wearing hosiery, but there are occasions when it is quite obvious that my stockings are way too long for either my legs or my suspension.

The ‘symptoms’ of stockings being too long can be:

  • Extensive wrinkles around the ankles
  • Sole and/ or heel of stockings twisting around the foot
  • Bagginess around the knees
  • Suspender straps not sitting taut against the thighs
  • Girdle being pulled up too high above the bum
  • Girdle being pulled down causing a muffin top

You may have experienced one or many of these annoyances whilst wearing stockings, if so, you may need to make some adjustments.

If you have bought a few pairs of stockings and they appear to be quite long for your legs, but you don’t want to throw them away, don’t worry. My solution would be to pair them with a suspender belt with adjustable straps. If you were to pull the straps as high up as they can go, or to a length that feels comfortable, your stockings should sit much better on your legs.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 6.50.51 pm

Another reason for stockings bagginess might be that you are wearing a girdle with the wrong length of stockings. Girdles should typically sit under your bum which means that the suspender clips might be lower down on your legs than usual. If you love wearing girdles and want to find stockings that work well with them, I would recommend going with shorter stockings than you would with suspender belts.

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 6.51.58 pm

If you really want to become a professional, I would advise you to buy some sandwich bags (if you throw away your packaging) and label your stockings with the length or length category, e.g.. ‘short’, ‘medium’ or ‘long’. This will mean that you will not need to go looking through lots of packs of stockings to find the right length to go with your suspension.

I should also mention that I recently experienced the dreaded muffin top and it was so damn annoying! I ordered a girdle from Nylonz and hadn’t realised that their design had changed and the girdle wasn’t as deep as a previous version I had bought from them. I paired the girdle with the same length of stockings that I usually wear with the older version and left the house (in a hurry). I SPENT THE ENTIRE DAY YANKING UP MY GIRDLE! It was hideous. It also made me look like I had four hips, which I don’t think is a good look. So make sure you try out your shapewear with your stockings to ensure that you are going to be comfortable all day.

An added bonus of getting your suspension and stocking pairing correct is that you are less likely to need to check your seams and heels so often, as they should stay put!


7 thoughts on “Stocking length versus suspension length

  1. I’ve just started buying vintage style girdles and suspender belts and have to say I am finding it very hard to find stockings here in Brisbane. I went into David Jones and they only had ONE pair. Another DJ’s had 3 different types – one with a suspender belt that was to fit up to 95kg with hips up to 130cm (I am 65kg and 107cm hips) and the belt was a TERRIBLE fit.

    Anyhoo I was just wondering where you source most of your stockings? I’ve seen you got your hot little hands on a lot of vintage hosiery/lingerie but was wondering if you buy from anywhere local?

    Loving your blog and it’s nice to see you posting again.


    • I would love to buy locally but there just aren’t any people making the style that I like here in Australia. I source from the UK or USA at the moment. I’m trying to expand my stock at the moment so keep your eyes peeled for more products. Is there anything I can help you with in the interim?

      • That’s great news. I’ve just bought a What Katie Did girdlette so just getting used to wearing that. I did email you a few weeks ago about the Naturana bras and soft cup bra sizes so I might get in touch again about sizings. I just bought a bullet bra (Maitresse style) from What Katie Did and got a 32F which fit me nicely although I think I could go up a band size and they’ve suggested a 34E/DD instead. I look at your site/shop regularly so will keep my eye out for bras!

  2. nylon stockings were such a part of every ladies wardrobe of hosiery when we were kids growing up in the 1950s also open bottom girdles were another common piece of everyday apparel along with other types of foundation undergarments like vthose sexy all=in=one lycra lovely shapewear.

  3. Love the intimate advice I think I’ve been wearing my girdles way too high xXx Penny ps although I do find those sexy wrinkles rather sensual!

  4. LOVE .. LOVE .. LOVE .. the photo of you in your black 16? strap garter belt. This is the fit Ms Morgan demands I attain for ALL her garter belt & panty sets. EXACTLY 3/4 inch of skin between panty and top of vintage nylons. So Incredible !!! .. Any more photos like this ? Please.

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