Review of Coco’s Retro Closet black lace deep V style suspender belt

Although I love well established retro underwear brands, it is great to find smaller independent designers. I especially like the small designers who regularly wear foundations themselves and therefore understand what makes a good piece of underwear.

I recently bought a couple of suspender belts from Coco’s Retro Closet on Etsy. Goga, the designer and seamstress behind the shop has clearly worn a lot of underwear and knows what works and what doesn’t; her suspension and bras are beautifully designed and put together with a lot of care.

I had been eyeballing every single item in her shop for a while and hadn’t ordered from her, for the simple reason that I couldn’t decide which ones to get. I eventually settled on a black suspender belt with V clips (my first V clips belt!) and a black lace deep V style suspender belt. Here is the latter:


It is safe to say that this has now become one of my favourite suspender belts, and it only has six straps. It must be a miracle!


Please excuse the morning face.

I chose this shape because it looks so unusual, the front panel on suspender belts usually comes down a lot lower. Although I was excited to try this belt on, I was also a little nervous that it would show off my tummy. I have a weird shaped tummy bulge which I’m really not very fond of, and I tend to use shapewear to flatten and hide it. As soon as the belt arrived, I tried it on and looked at my tummy. It was a little bit visible but not as bad as I had imagined.


So what makes this belt one of my favourites? Well… Pretty much every aspect of this belt makes it my favourite to be honest.

It is the perfect depth from my natural waist to the top of my thighs, which means that that area is nicely smoothed out. The cut of the back also frames my bum really nicely.


The construction is FLAWLESS. I have absolutely no doubt that this belt will last me for years to come, as long as I take good care of it. I’m not nervous of the elastic in the straps becoming fatigued, or of the back two straps ripping off, as some belts and girdles do. Not only is it a well constructed and strong garment, it is also sewn beautifully, Goga is clearly a very well experienced seamstress.


The best thing about this belt has to the width of the straps, they are massive! The only time that I have seen or worn suspension with such thick straps is on really old pieces from the 1930s. These are exceptionally wide and I love them. They are also adjustable and the clips are wound metal rather than pressed… Can this woman do no wrong??


The last thing that I adore about this belt is that it is extremely comfortable. If you’re new to retro foundations and want to try something safe yet beautiful, this piece is a winner. Nothing digs in, nothing pinches, it basically feels like a second skin.


In terms of sizing, I chose the Medium (waist 28″ – 33″, 72-84 cm), my waist is currently about 32″ and hips are about 44/45″. This is a perfect fit.

I urge you to try not only this suspender belt but her other garments too.


6 thoughts on “Review of Coco’s Retro Closet black lace deep V style suspender belt

  1. I’ve had my eye on this Esty store for a few months now so I was excited to see your review and was even more excited to hear you speak of how beautifully they are made.

    I also adore your bra! It reminds me of one of the What Katie Did styles – where did you find it?


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  3. Once again you reign supreme, Elinor. Fantastic modelling and teasing. Please keep doing what you do. Also, your face looks lovely, even in the morning, and your statuesque curves make you a stocking and lingerie icon. Thanks.

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