Yoga meets retro underwear

There is a very common misconception that vintage style underwear and stockings are too uncomfortable and restrictive for daily wear. So many women believe that they would not be able to go about their business in girdles or other foundations because they wouldn’t be able to move, or even breathe. The truth is that if you do your homework and find the right foundations to suit your body and lifestyle, these under garments can be very comfortable and allow the body to move normally.

I know that it is not always enough for me to say how comfortable this style of underwear is, so I was trying to think of a way to show it instead. One of my good friends, Nicky, is a yoga enthusiast and teacher. She has taken me to yoga classes and given me a one-on-one lesson. I have to admit that I thought yoga would be really easy and that I would nail it straight away. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong! Nikki had me contorted in all sorts of shapes and after only five minutes, I was sweating buckets! I subsequently have a new found respect for yoga practitioners! I then thought to myself that she would be the perfect person to show off how much movement this underwear allows.

Nicky does not wear retro underwear or stockings, so I put her in some pieces that a lot of people regard as being ‘extreme’ – A bullet bra (What Katie Did), a 14 strap girdle (Nylonz) and nylon stockings (Cervin). We then asked her to do the bendiest poses she could think of, and trust me, she is one bendy lady. I hope these photos show how much movement this style of underwear allows.

If you would like to follow Nicky on social media, she has an instagram account where she shares beautiful and inspiring photos of herself doing yoga poses in beautiful locations, give her a follow.




















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