Knickers or not?

Knickers or not…? Is it bad form to wear knickers under a panty girdle? I sometimes wear undies to avoid needing to wash the PG after each wear, but it does negate the convenience of a split crotch for ease of going to the loo… What’s the accepted wisdom here?


Hi Andrea!

Thank you for your message.

I receive so many queries about the ‘correct’ way to wear underwear. There are a few basic ‘rules’ but mostly, you should just wear foundations in a way that is comfortable and convenient for you. The rules that I live by only exist because I want to look after my garments; for example – I don’t fasten my garter clips to my stockings through the key-hole. The only reason I don’t do this is because the stockings will rip due to this area being a lot weaker than the actual welt.

Anther example is suspender belts. So many people ask me why I mostly choose to wear my knickers under my suspender belt, I have been told that this is incorrect. I don’t think that this is a ‘rule’ but more of a personal choice. Nothing is going to get ripped or stretched if I wear by knickers under my belt, rather than over.


In this case, it is perfectly acceptable to wear knickers under your panty girdle, and I do exactly that sometimes. Some days I just want to be free and will go without knickers but I accept that I’m going to have wash them at the end of the day. Sometimes I just want to feel extra cosy and wear an extra pair of knickers under the PG.

If I’m going to be honest though, I wouldn’t use those splits when peeing, I tried it once and it didn’t end well, if you catch my drift!


One thought on “Knickers or not?

  1. I’m not a regular pantie girdle wearer, and have to look at things from a different perspective from most readers 😃, but I’m with Elinor on this one. I’ve never quite ‘got’ the concept of the split crotch and end up pulling a pantie girdle down for bathroom visits anyway, so having a pair of briefs underneath isn’t a big deal and can certainly have advantages!

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