Review of vintage Marcel Worth bra style 8172

As some of you may know, I recently acquired a huge lot of genuine vintage underwear which I am selling via my online shop. Although I have half a dozen styles in stock, my favourite is the 8172 so I would like to share my review with you! Please note that I will be honest about this review (as I am with all of my reviews) and that I am not trying to upsell this bra in any way.


For me this bra fulfils my two main needs, it is functional yet feminine. I want to feel secure in my bras but I also want to feel like I’m wearing something beautiful as my choice of underwear will often affect my mood and behaviour. This bra meets both of my requirements as it is both very supportive and strong, and yet manages to be pretty at the same time. I know that I can wear this bra to the office or on a night out and I will not only feel fantastic but I know that my clothing will sit perfectly over this bra.


The detail on the upper half of the bra cups is cute and youthful and is complimented by the heart stitching on the bottom half of the cups, which is gorgeous and is not something that I have seen on vintage or modern bras before.


This is a longline brassiere which means that any under bra podge that you might experience when wearing a short bra, is instantly eliminated, the same goes for back bulges.


It should be noted that the cups come up quite high on the chest and that unless you want the bra to be visible, I would advise wearing a high neck top. As I like the detail of this bra, I have previously used it as part of my outerwear, as you can see below.



Ah vintage sizing, so much fun! Although the cup sizes only go up to a DD in my lot, these bras will actually fit a much larger cup size. I am usually a 36DD (14DD in Aus sizing) I wear a 16D in this style, so I would certainly recommend sizing up once in the band and down two cups. This isn’t only true for me, but for other ladies who have tried this bra.

Women with straight waists would benefit the most from this bra as it will nip you in ever so slightly. I have a relatively small waist and the lower part of the band is slightly loose.

Please note that if you have a larger bust and usually wear bras with underwriting, this is a soft cup, however it will still keep you very much supported.

Classic shape

This bra will create a very unique bust shape with and without clothing covering it, as it is essentially a longline bullet-bra. The 8172 is a three part soft cup (no underwire) bra, which is a style of construction that usually creates a slight point. However, this bra has more of a pointed shape due to the design – the two bottom pieces of the cup are cut and sewn to point upwards. This part of the cup, unlike the top of the cup, is reinforced with an extra layer of fabric which secures the breast in the upright position!

If you’re looking for the classic ‘sweater girl’ look, this bra will certainly deliver. Although it is not as pointy as padded bullet bras (such as this one by What Katie Did), and the cup is not circular stitched, it still creates a pointed shape which can be added to by wearing bullet bra pads.

The two images below show how the bra looks with and without a top.



Holly, who writes for The Lingerie Addict has written a great piece about these vintage bras. She has also demonstrated how the shape of the bra changes the fit and appearance of her vintage outerwear. Make sure you check it out by clicking here.

If you would like to own your own vintage Marcel Worth bra, please navigate to my online shop. Don’t forget that you can always email me at if you are unsure about sizing.


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