Which underwear is best for when you are dancing? – By Jenna

Being a lover of all things vintage lingerie as well as being a dancer, can bring up a host of very confusing questions. Do I spin to my heart’s content and show the world my underwear, do I wear my long-line bra and most importantly do I wear my 4, 6, 10 or 12 strap garter belt or girdle?

Anyone who loves dancing will know that in order to do so you need sturdy yet comfortable foundations or you risk stockings falling around your ankle or just being really uncomfortable all night. While I am more than comfortable showing the dance floor my knickers I do understand that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. So first off I have a few suggestions for those would like to be a little more subtle about their underwear choices.

French Knickers

If you still want that vintage feel however do not like the idea of the whole dance floor seeing your thighs French knickers are a perfect option, What Katie Did have some gorgeous ones. You can wear French knickers by themselves or over your suspender belt. By wearing them over your suspender belt you will limit the amount of bare leg on show, still be able to wear your stockings and not have to suffer through the dreaded bare leg or having to resort to wearing tights. Phew!

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Wearing a petticoat will not completely hide your welts however it will provide a frilly distraction for everyone who is watching you twirl.  Plus dancing in a petticoat is so much more fun and will make you feel like a princess!

If you are like me and don’t mind showing off your undergarments while you dance, it is imperative that the garment chosen is not only comfortable but that it keeps everything in place and that it looks and feels amazing!

Y strap garter/suspender belt

A Y-strap belt is my all-time favourite garment to wear when dancing; a 6 straps belt equals 12 clips, so much suspension! My top pick is from Pip and Pantalaimon. Their 12 clip vintage retro style suspender belt is a dream to dance in. It will hold your stocking nice and high so while you are shaking your groove thing you don’t have to worry about the dreaded stocking sag that always seems to happen whilst dancing.

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Light control Girdle

A light control girdle is also a lovely option to dance in. I wear my Revival roll on girdle quite often to dance in as it’s made of lace which is very breathable and isn’t to restricting when you are on the dance floor.  I do not recommend dancing in a firm/extra firm girdle. I have done so in the past and with all the spinning, sweating and extra bodies on the dance floor, a firm/extra firm girdle will only encourage chafing and all in all, an uncomfortable experience.


I choose to dance in a bra that will give me as much support as possible, being a 36E it is hard to find vintage foundations that will give you some sort of support so you aren’t bouncing around like crazy and still make you feel pretty. My go to bra for dancing is the Naturana firm control lace cup bra and is currenlty on sale here. If you choose to wear a longline bra or a corseltte again, I would avoid chosing a garment with firm/extra firm control or excess boning around your midsection. I have a beautiful longline bra which has quite a bit of boning in it,  even though gae me a great shape with long lasting wear, once I started to dance it became uncomfortable within 15 mintues and I ended up with bruising.

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The most important thing to remember is that you need to be comfortable in whatever you choose to wear when you are dancing. You don’t want to be fussing all night over your underwear (which is not a good look at the best of times) and you don’t want to end up resenting the foundations that you have chosen to take out for the evening.

Happy dancing!

Jenna Kelly xx

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2 thoughts on “Which underwear is best for when you are dancing? – By Jenna

  1. Great post! I too wear serious vintage foundations on a daily basis but live in a climate where it’s usually hot and these days VERY hot, and I’ve been curious how you balance your love of all this stuff with the heat. Similar to what you wear for dancing?

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