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I think by now, you all know that I love all types of stockings – fully-fashioned, RHTs, vintage, modern, nylon, stretchy… You name it and I’m most probably a fan. However, I also love little details that make stockings stand out such as, a different style of heel, a bright contrast seam, a different pattern in the shadow welt or maybe something special printed on the welt. So when stockingirl offered to let me try their new Stacy Glitter Star Accented Reinforced Heel and Toe Stockings I was very excited!

Stockingirl is an online hosiery and lingerie shop specialising in printed and patterned legwear. They also sell a wide selection of ‘customizable holiday hosiery and special occasions prints’, once I read that, my ears pricked up! What on earth did they mean by that?? COULD I HAVE MY NAME ON SOME STOCKINGS?? The answer to that question is YES! Much excitement.

Stockingirl have had the idea to put custom writing on stockings, which is not something that I have seen on many other hosiery websites, this is a shame in my opinion as I think it’s a pretty fun concept. So how does it work?

The customer has several options when choosing the custom writing:

Stockings colour:

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 4.58.51 pm




Stockings size:

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 4.59.42 pm





Text colour: Gold, silver, pink or blue – The lettering is accented with three stars in the same colour as the text.

And of course, the desired text. I initially wanted “The Nylon Swish” to be printed on the welt, however there is an upper limit of nine characters, so I went for “Elinor” instead. The only stockings that this custom lettering is available on however is RHTs.

I chose the French coffee colour in 2XL with gold lettering. I selected this stocking size because I am 5’11” and also have larger thighs, measuring 22″ around.

I placed my order and then waited patiently for the stockings to make their way to Australia. And then… They arrived! Check this out!


I love the colour of these stockings as they look really classic, and the fact that they are genuine nylon RHTs makes me double happy. I also really like having my name on my stockings too but I think I would probably change a couple of things.

I would offer more fonts and colours, I would have liked to have more options to fit in with my taste. I would also make the stars optional, I think they are cute but they might not be appropriate for all customers.

There are other options however, such as the Christie Custom Silver Glitter & Snowflake RHT Stockings:

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 5.15.05 pm

The placement of the lettering was a bit of a problem for me to be honest, I incorrectly assumed that it would placed further to the side of my thigh rather than closer to the front. I also found the lettering to be too big, but it may appeal to other people.

What really bothered me was that the lettering seemed to disintegrate after only a few hours. The letters appeared crinkly and I’m worried that they will start to peel off next time I wear them.


Costing $39.99 USD they are a little pricey but I don’t see these as every day wear items. In my opinion, these stockings would make a great gift for a friend or a loved one and (as long as you get the spelling right!). I know that I love receiving custom gifts, and I’m not the only one! I would just be aware that the lettering isn’t going to last forever, although the stockings themselves are beautiful.


2 thoughts on “Stockingirl – Custom lettering stockings

    • Totally garish! Nearly as bad as Comic Sans! A cute idea, but needs more fonts (there are now more colours), I’m not sure if the design has been changed but the website suggests the words are now further to the side. Mercifully, the stars are now gone.

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