The Treasure Chest – Part 7

I will be publishing a few items that I have found for sale on the internet every fortnight. These are items that I find inspiring and beautiful that are available for purchase online. If I haven’t bought them it’s usually because they are too expensive or not the right size for my body, however it is still a pleasure to look at them.

Click on the links to be taken to the sellers full description and shop. Please note that as the items sell, the links may not work anymore.

Vintage Edwardian Corset Cover / De Bevoise Brassiere Edwardian Chemise / Antique Cotton Lingerie / Eyelet Lace



vintage 1930s lingerie / 30s pink silk bra / Rosette Bralette


1960’s Vintage White Embroidered Nightgown Honeymoon Lingerie Vanity Fair Old Hollywood Nylon Trousseau 38 bust


Edwardian Mother of Pearl Lingerie Pin Antique Jewelry Jewellery


Antique edwardian corset; vintage true vintage


Vintage Lingerie 20’s Cotton veil & lace slip dress pink




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