Bullet bras – Perception vs Reality

Bullet bras often intimidate new and even seasoned wearers of retro foundations. As bra construction and design has evolved, we have become accustomed to the round shape created by t-shirt bras, and the pointed breast is no longer desirable for most women. However, with the vintage revival comes vintage inspired lingerie, which often means pointy bazookas! I often hear from ladies that they don’t want to try bullet or cone bras because they think they will look ridiculous. Although I now wear this style of bra with confidence, I was also terrified of them at the beginning of my foundations journey.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 8.56.29 pm

I remember very clearly the first day that I wore a bullet bra out in public. I was working in London and my parter had just bought me a couple of What Katie Did bullet bras, I was dying to wear them but was also really intimidated by them. I chose to showcase my new bust shape at work, not because I wanted attention but because I worked in the the same office as my boyfriend, and I wanted him to see that I was making the effort to wear my new lingerie. However, I had zero confidence back then (this was about 3 years ago) and I wanted to hide my newly pointed breasts as much as possible, so I wore a flowy black blouse to camouflage them slightly. The shape was only slightly visible under the fabric but I still thought I looked like I had two traffic cones on my chest!

As I walked into the office, my heart was beating. I imagined that everyone would turn around and stare directly at my bust. I imagined that my breasts would enter the room about half an hour before me. I imagined that everyone’s eyeballs would pop out of their heads. I imagined that people gave a damn.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 8.54.49 pm

And this is what actually happened – I walked into the office and nobody batted an eyelid. Nobody had noticed and nobody cared.

I continued to feel self conscious all day but decided to push through and I wore the same bra again the next day. However, this time I wore it under a tighter top. That morning, the same thoughts went through my head, but yet again, nobody said anything.




Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 8.56.43 pm

I now wear bullet bras without feeling self-conscious, in fact I really love the shape that a bullet bra creates. I often stuff several bullet bra pads into my bras now, just to get an extra pointy shape.

So, yes bullet bras create a very different shape compared to the ‘melon’ shape created by modern bras, but there are varying degrees of point and in all honestly, people don’t tend to notice. I have previously written a review of each of three What Katie Did bras, with varying levels of ‘bullet’ shape; check them out if you are interested in seeing the differences.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 8.56.51 pm

In my opinion, many of the retro silhouettes require the cone shaped bras in order to make the most of the vintage dress cuts. Don’t be afraid of pointy breasts, they are beautiful and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!


3 thoughts on “Bullet bras – Perception vs Reality

  1. I never did like the “melon” shape as you called it. Stand in front of a mirror naked and you do NOT see melons. At lease I don’t. None of me gal friends do either. Melons do not look natural. I have received compliments for the Triumph Doreen, the Exquisite form, and the Lavriel made in Germany. The last one I found on Ebay. No melons for me but none of those horrid traffic cones either!

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