Should you convince your partner to wear foundations?

It is no secret that my partner loves to see me in my foundations and stockings, and I am more than happy to oblige. I’m not ashamed to say that I am highly influenced by his own tastes in vintage underwear, and even though he would never prevent me from wearing a certain style of underwear, I probably wouldn’t wear anything that he was not overly keen on. However, I still have 100% control over what I wear, I just want both of us to enjoy it because it’s more fun this way! This is a shared passion between two people, not something that has been forced on me.


While I love seeing women in beautiful firm foundations, such as corsets and girdles, I also understand that it’s not everyone’s up of tea. Women are no longer expected to conform to a particular waist measurement, nor do they have to look a certain way. It’s 2015, and we are living in such a fortunate time that (mostly) allows and encourages people to express themselves through their style of clothing, amongst other things.

I have my own sense of style and it makes me feel beautiful and feminine. However, not all women would feel beautiful in my foundations and clothes, and I would never force anyone to wear them. for example, I really don’t like the ‘Essex look’ that originated from the UK, but I would never expect those women to exchange their fake tan and blonde hair-extensions for pale skin and jet black wavy hair, because that wouldn’t make them happy. This also applies to foundations and stockings.


There is a difference between asking for advice on how to help a willing partner make the right choices so that they can eventually become a frequent wearer of foundations, and asking how to make a partner wear the style of underwear that they themselves like, rather than the style that she feels comfortable in. Most women have very demanding lives and/ or jobs that prevent them from wearing corsets, bullet bras, girdles, 14 strap suspender bets, fully-fashioned stockings…etc. on a day-to-day basis. Several gentlemen have recently written to me, asking how to force their wives or girlfriends into corsets, foundations or stockings. However, as I previously mentioned, the majority of these women have demanding jobs and/or lives. Some of them don’t even like this style of underwear. Now, there is no way in hell that I’m going to force a busy woman who has an extremely active life, into a corset. In fact, I’m never going to force anyone to do anything. If a woman doesn’t feel comfortable wearing such garments, then why inflict that on her? Some women don’t feel comfortable with the attention that seamed stockings attract, some have physical issues that prevent them from wearing restrictive garments, some may have reasons that they don’t wish to share and some simply don’t want to. And damnit, I am not going to help any men to make more women unhappy.

So, if you want to give your girlfriend or wife a piece of underwear that you like, that’s actually a really lovely gift. But if she decides to not to wear it regularly, for whatever reason, please do not force her.


2 thoughts on “Should you convince your partner to wear foundations?

  1. I’ve learned over 32 years that my wife loves the look of foundations – on other people. The issue is that she can’t stand the feeling of compression that others seem to relish. So I help her pick out bra and panty sets, along with the occasional camisole or vintage slip.

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