Latex waist trainers

What is a latex waist trainer?

A latex waist trainer is a wrap around band that is designed to sit under the bust and end a couple of inches below the belly button. The inside is made mostly of cotton and a small amount of spandex, the outer layer is 100% latex rubber. It also contains some steel boning and hook and eye closures at the front.

Stockists advise that these garments are to be worn in two different situations:

  1. During exercise – The waist trainer will allegedly “aid workouts by increasing body temperature and sweat production, as well aiding core strength and stability” (
  2. As shapewear – It is claimed that these garments will reduce the waist by 2-6+ inches immediately, and smooth out the body

It is also claimed that latex waist trainers assist with the following:

  • Posture support & back pain
  • Appetite Control
  • Weight Loss
  • Shape wear
  • Stomach toning & waist reduction
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They are really cheap, and I can’t afford a real corset so should I just buy a latex waist trainer?

Australian retailers are selling these products for between $40 and $100.

To be honest, I think they are expensive considering that they are completely ineffective. I would suggest either spending that money on actual shapewear, or saving up until you are able to afford even an entry level corset.

I think a lot of people buy one, realise that it is uncomfortable/ makes their body look like a tube/ doesn’t work etc and never wear it again, which is a waste of money.

Can I waist train in a latex waist trainer?

Absolutely not. Waist training requires (in my opinion) a custom made corset with the correct size and placement of the steel bones for your body. This will mean that you have a corset that hugs you in all the right places, does not compress the tissue on your hip bone (can lead to leg numbness) and ensures comfort. If the corset is made by a skilled corsetier(e) who is familiar with the practice of waist training, they will be able to advise on recommended reduction increments. This latex garment claims to reduce the waist down by 2-6+ inches immediately. I certainly don’t think that exercising in a a garment that compresses the body straight away by up to 6 inches is healthy.

Waist training needs to be done gradually, one might start by wearing the corset for only a couple of hours a day, with minimal lacing for the first few weeks. It is not something that a person should jump straight into and wear 24 hours a day, or when exercising.

Real waist training corsets are made in different shapes, depending on how the wearer wishes to shape the body. Some people prefer to only compress the soft part of the waist between the rib cage and the hip bone, whereas others prefer to slightly compress the ribs as well. This latex garment indiscriminately compresses every part of the body that it covers.

Ok, so I shouldn’t waist train in them but should I wear one instead of a girdle or other types of shapewear?

I would honestly advise against it. First and foremost, it will not give you a beautiful shape, it will turn your waist into a tube. And if it encourages perspiration, you’re probably going to be smelly after a while… It’s also not very pretty and it’s not as comfortable as well fitted foundations. If you are keen to buy a waist cincher, I would recommend these instead:

What Katie Did – Cabaret Waspie

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 4.33.08 pm

What Katie Did – Glamour Waist Cincher

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 4.34.19 pm

Rago – Style 21


Rago – Style 2107


I have a bad back, should I wear this for support?

Websites and shops selling this type of garment claim that they are very beneficial with regards to posture and supporting the back. I would say that if you are concerned about posture, a genuine steel boned corset would be a lot more comfortable when wearing for extended periods of time (if fitted correctly) and will hold you up straight. If you have back problems, I would advise you to speak with your doctor and/ or use a specially designed back brace, such as this one (depending on your back problem of course):

They seem quite stretchy, should I exercise in them?

I am of the opinion that exercise should be done in loose fitting and/or stretchy clothing. Even people who properly waist train often, exercise without their corset on. This latex ‘waist trainer’ will restrict your movement and will prevent your skin from breathing. So no, I wouldn’t recommend it.

If they don’t work, why are they so popular?

Unfortunately a lot of people tend to blindly follow celebrity trends rather than doing their own research. The Kardashian family has popularised these garments by posting photos of themselves wearing them on social media, and it has since become a hugely popular trend.

If you want to waist train, I suggest reading Lucy’s blog, she knows pretty much everything that there is to know about corsetry.
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