A review of Riwaa Nerona’s girdles

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As you may know by now, I am a huge fan of Riwaa Nerona and her beautiful designs. I was lucky enough to spend the day with her earlier this year, which you can read about here. Riwaa’s designs pull together gothic, vintage and edwardian characteristics and culminate into pieces of shapewear, lingerie and corsetry that are fresh and unique.

In this post I will be reviewing two of my favourite pieces of suspension by the talented designer. I’m reviewing them together as they have similar designs but create slightly different silhouettes.

Firstly, let me introduce you to the two pieces that I will be reviewing, the Betty and the Nymph…

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Design and structure

As I previously mentioned, both the Betty and the Nymph have very similar designs. They are both wrap around girdles which fasten at the rear. The front panel is made of a beautifully soft satin, and trimmed with delicate lace on either side. The Betty is also made up of sheer powermesh that sufficiently compresses the hips and bottom while still looking delicate and feminine. The Nymph is predominantly made of a matte satin.

Although they are both similar designs in terms of their aesthetics, they create two very different silhouettes.

I am completely in love with both girdles, however the Nymph has to be my favourite for the simple reason that it creates the most incredible curves! It is a slightly shorter girdle, and I usually refer to it as a girdlette, as it is half way between a girdle and a deep suspender belt. Despite the short length, it smoothes out my hips enough to wear under a tight pencil skirt. The part of the girdle that makes it stand out and creates the killer curves is the thick waist band. This foundation is guaranteed to nip you in at the waist and emphasise your hips, no matter what your shape is! If you want proof, here is a photo of me wearing it with a What Katie Did longline bra.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 7.22.20 pmSee what I mean?? I love it!

The Betty creates a slightly different silhouette,although it does still nip the waist in slightly, the main focus of this garment is to compress from the waist, down to the top of the thighs. The strong powermesh compresses my tummy and hips perfectly, which means that I don’t need to worry about my problem areas showing through my clothes, as they are very well taken care of!

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 7.22.30 pm

The length of both girdles is perfect for all heights, I am 5’11” with very long legs and have no issues with either garments being too short for me. They each have six straps which is actually enough for these pieces… I never thought I would ever write that…

It should also be noted that both girdles come in several colour combinations, I am currently lusting after the plum Nymph…

Sizing and fit

When I contacted Riwaa to buy the Nymph, I just gave her my waist and hip measurements and she decided which size I needed. I honestly don’t even know which sizes I own, so I apologise as I cannot help with sizing in this post. However, each piece is made to order and she will always ensure that the foundations are custom made for your body.

The Nymph

The Nymph


The clips that Riwaa uses in her suspension garments are very different to the standard shape. When I was in her studio, I asked her why she uses the square shaped clips and she explained that she had them made up based on a traditional Czech design. She also had the regulators designed in the traditional shape. I really love that Riwaa is using old designs and shapes from her country in her garments. I think this really adds something extra special to her creations, and makes me admire her even more as she clearly puts a lot of thought into everything that she makes. I should also add that the suspender tabs are made of fabric, and the straps are quite wide. These two things always get two thumbs up from me.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.02.48 pm


Although they are luxury pieces, I regularly wear my Riwaa girdles to work. I don’t differentiate between special occasion underwear and day underwear, as I believe that all underwear should be robust enough for most occasions. Her foundations will certainly hold up to regular wear, don’t forget that she wears a corset and foundations on a daily basis herself, which she makes for herself. This means that she understands how the pieces should fit the body, how they should feel, and if she doesn’t like something she will make a change. Riwaa’s designs are constantly evolving.

Value for money

Betty – Around $60 AUD

Nymph – Around $85 AUD

I personally think that the cost of these pieces is very reasonable, especially considering that they are made to order in custom sizes.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 7.22.09 pm

The Betty

If you would like to contact Riwaa about her garments, please head over to her website. I think all lovers of foundations should have at least one of her pieces in their collection.


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