Anti-chafing knickers – The Big Bloomers Company

As the weather is heating up in Australia, there is no better time than now to start the discussion of thigh chafing. Hands up those who have ever experienced the excruciating pain caused by your inner thighs continuously rubbing together… Yep, I’m pretty sure there are a few of you out there with your hands up… I am not ashamed to say that I experience thigh chafing about once a month, and IT SUCKS!

I get chafing between my thighs for several reasons:

  • The stockings I’m wearing on the day are too small for my thighs, causing my skin to ‘spill over’ the welts, pushing the skin together
  • I’m wearing a long girdle that pushes my thighs together
  • It’s really hot and/ or humid on the day, and the sweat causes chafing or extra irritation
  • A combination of all of the above

It’s not all glamour chez Elinor, I’m telling you! But please don’t let thigh chafing put you off wearing stockings, I was lucky enough to get painful sores on my thighs when I used to wear tights (pantyhose) too!

So what can we do to avoid the unpleasant experience that is thigh chafing? There are several solutions:

  • Wear opera length stockings, held up by a suspender belt with lots of straps. Tighten the straps right up so that it is securely holding up your extra long stockings all around. This will put nylon between your legs, preventing any skin-on-skin contact, and will prevent the welt from sagging.
  • Wear long leg panty girdles, the material will protect the skin from rubbing
  • Bandelettes (I haven’t tried them yet)
  • Anti-chafing gel (ew)
  • Anti-chafing knickers. Yes. Anti-chafing knickers exist people!

Freedom woman on sunset sky

The Big Bloomers Company were kind enough to send me over a second pair of anti-chafing knickers for me to frolic around in, and boy did that make me happy! You may have already read my first review that I did of the original anti-chafing knickers by the same brand, if you have, you will know that I absolutely love them. So let’s go over all the reasons that I believe these need their own special place in your underwear drawer…

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 7.18.44 pm

  • These knickers are HUGE, and huge knickers make me happy. I have no time for bits of floss hanging out around my lady parts, it’s uncomfortable and unflattering. I’m in the Bridget Jones camp, big knickers are best. The good thing about these knickers is that they come in a long or a short option, so you can even switch them up, and wear the longer knickers on those occasional chilly days.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 9.11.02 pm

  • They are so soft, and they don’t ever stop being soft. You can wash them as many times as you want and they still won’t lose their softness.
  • They are lightweight so will not cause extra sweating

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 9.10.52 pm

  • You can wear them on their own or with foundations/ a suspender belt and stockings
  • 100% no chafing guaranteed – Yay!

In my previous review, I mentioned that these knickers were quite functional looking and didn’t have anything feminine about them. I’m happy to see that this new design has a pretty lace trim around the legs, which I think looks much better. If you happen to accidentally flash them, at least you will be flashing some lacy bits!

It is important to note that these knickers do indeed prevent inner thigh chafing, however they are not designed to shape you in any way, so I would always advise to wear them with firm foundations if you are looking to shape your lower body.

My sizing is still a UK 12-16, and they fit perfectly! I would honestly urge everyone to try these out, they are a life thigh saver!

These anti-chafing knickers are available here, and while you’re at it, I would check out their super-duper plus size stockings for ladies with extra lovely thighs!


3 thoughts on “Anti-chafing knickers – The Big Bloomers Company

  1. oh, I can’t even explain, how much I needed to read some article about this problem! Thank you very much for writing it! I mostly wear tights, because otherwise I have rushes in summer and I am freezing my ass off in winter… I even have some knickers, but they look too ugly to wear them with a girdle and they are too warm to wear in summer. Now I know that they can look good and at the same time be practical, so even if I maybe won’t be able to order them from abroad, at least I can sew them by myself with some nice lace on it! Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

  2. Hi there Elinor

    My anti-chafing routine involves applying deodorant (the roll-on type) to my thighs. I don’t need to do this in winter but when the first days of summer come around I get given a timely wake-up call. The deodorant prevents sweating and the skin is thus not sticky at all – no chaffing.


  3. Thigh chafing is the worst!! I rarely experience it as I live in the UK, so it’s fairly cold most of the time, and I tend to suffer more in hot weather. It’s not just the preserve of larger ladies either, my extremely slim niece had thigh chafing on a blisteringly hot day here in the summer and had to resort to putting vaseline on her thighs, bless her. These knickers sound like a great solution. And they’re still kind of sexy. x

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