Fan-laced girdles – Vintage and modern versions

After recently posting photos of myself wearing my fan-laced girdle, I received quite a few questions about the garment itself. Fan-laced girdles are very special to me, so I was more than happy to talk about them.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.05.16 pm

Front view of the FLG

I have recorded a video (below) in which I talk about their history, where to buy vintage FLGs, and where to buy modern versions. I also mentioned sizing with regards to my modern FLG and what I dislike about it.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.07.40 pm

Back view of the FLG, not pulled very tight

I hope you enjoy the video, and please feel free to post any questions in the comments!

To recap, here are some details:

The modern FLG that I’m wearing in this video is called a ‘Cortland Back Lacing Corset Girdle‘ and can be bought online from (previously It costs $70 USD which is quite reasonable for the complexity of the garment.

Choose the size of the girdle based on your waist measurement. For example, if you have a 32 inch waist, select a size 32. The sizes range from 26 inches to 40 inches.

This girdle is non-stretch, except for a few small panels around the thigh and bum area.

Aspects that could be improved (in my opinion):

  • The pulley straps could be made of thicker fabric to prevent them from bunching up while tighting the garment.
  • Plastic loops should be replaced by fabric loops (loops are designed to tuck in the straps).
  • Suspender clip tabs should be made of fabric rather than plastic.

Have you tried this style of garment before? What did you think?

Happy lacing!


6 thoughts on “Fan-laced girdles – Vintage and modern versions

  1. Oh how I wish this was steel boned. I am contemplating buying one anyway and either trying to replace the bones or trying to make a pattern from it. The video of you lacing it made me want it on my body right then and there. If not there seems to be quite a few in bigger sizes. If you ever find a vintage one in a 38 waist and want to sell it please let me know!

  2. Thanks for this lovely and informative video!! I was wondering if you could share where you found that lovely longline bra you are wearing? I desperately need one of these due to how I am shaped, – to wear under my corset. At present I am unable to wear a normal underwire bra and experience extreme pain from them. My 34G figure can’t live in stretchy “support tops” forever. I really need to find a br like that!!
    Also, do you know of any proper corsetiers that make dual or triple fan-laced longline under its corsets???
    Thanks much! Lori

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