Jenna reviews anti-chafing knickers by The Big Bloomers Company

The weather here in Australia is getting warmer and warmer.

With all this warm weather ahead of us there is one thing that is inevitable for us ladies who’s thighs touch and that is the dreaded thigh chafe. Now I know it is not really the classiest of topics to discuss but the fact is, it happens to most of us and it is damn annoying and at times quite painful.

There are a few ways that you can combat the thigh chafe.

  1. Wearing pants… As an avid skirt wearer, I choose the thigh chafe over the wearing of pants.
  2. Full length stockings/tights.
  3. Vaseline, I cannot even imagine how gross this would feel all day.
  4. Using antiperspirant deodorant or talcum powder.
  5. Anti-chafe knickers.

Hands down, I choose….anti-chafe knickers!!

The lovelies at the Big Bloomers Company recently sent me a pair of their anti-chafing knickers and boy-o-boy do I love them and here is why:

  • They come in both a long and short option which is great if you want to wear a shorter skirt or like me have shorter legs.
  • They are oh so very soft.
  • As some of you may know, I regularly dance rock and roll and rockabilly, and that is a sweaty past time. Anyways, I am always on the lookout for undies I can wear while dancing that will still look pretty if and when my skirt fly’s up. These babies not only look pretty but they are lightweight making them super easy to dance in and they stop the chafe!
  • I can comfortably wear them with my foundations. As I said these knickers are lightweight and made of very breathable material, so wearing them with a girdle/suspender belt is not a problem or uncomfortable.
  • Now there is one thing that these knickers won’t do is shape your body. If you are after a shaping garment, I suggest wearing them with foundations.

What they look like:

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 7.59.59 pm

These knickers are high waisted so sit at my natural waist. They come down just below the middle of my thigh.

They are made of super lightweight material that is so soft and comfortable. Even after a few wears and a few washes, they are still super soft.

The lace detail on these knickers makes them not only practical but very pretty and feminine. Especially when your skirt fly’s up in the wind or when you are dancing.

This pic below is me wearing my anti chafe kickers with stockings and a suspender belt.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 8.00.11 pm

So all in all I love these knickers and I can tell you with all of the Christmas/New Year’s festivities coming and the dinners, dances and celebrations that come with this festive season these little babies will definitely be getting a workout. I also cannot wait until the weather gets a little cooler as well as I think these will come in handy when it is a little nippy outside.

-Jenna Kelly

2 thoughts on “Jenna reviews anti-chafing knickers by The Big Bloomers Company

  1. WOW ! Great idea ! I’m so glad I’m not the only one in this awkward situation.
    It’s very painful, and people don’t realize that even with a slim figure, you can have this kind of problems.
    I will definetely seek for that special pants 🙂 so much sexy than the kind of cutted tights I usually wear to avoid the problem.

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