Q&A with Elinor

I recently ask followers of my Facebook page to ask me any questions they liked, and I would pick a few to answer. I had some received some really great questions, so thank you very much!

I didn’t want to answer all the questions in this video, otherwise it would have been a very very long video, so I will answer them at a later date.

The questions I answered are:

  1. Name three pieces of underwear or lingerie that you will not wear (go to 1:10/15:34)
  2. Do you ever have a day off when you wear modern underwear? (go to 2:53/15:34)
  3. If someone is just starting to wear vintage or retro underwear, do you think it’s best to chuck out your tights, or do it gradually? (go to 4:09/15:34)
  4. How many pieces of underwear do you have? (go to 7:48/15:34)
  5. Where do you find vintage undergarments? (go to 10:13/15:34)


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