Royal Vintage Shoes – Gibson Teardrop 1920s Review

It’s taken me a while to like shoes. During my childhood, through to my early twenties, the mere idea of shoe shopping using to fill me with dread. Having a european size 43 foot from a young age (yes I’ve heard all the jokes before) has really limited my choice when it comes to footwear. As a child I lived in France (and literally everyone has tiny feet), so I usually ended up wearing the same shoes as my father, and my father was a builder and only wore what he called ‘desert boots’. It made me feel ugly and masculine and I hated my feet.

Luckily for me, there are now some brands who make shoes for ladies with big feet that are feminine. To say this makes me happy is an understatement. Owning feminine shoes allows me to dress the way I want to dress, rather that having to take do with manly shoes.

Royal Vintage Shoes is a brand that I adore, because the shoes are heavily influenced by some of the most exquisite periods of women’s fashion. The 1920s when women felt liberated, the 1930s which were influenced by the glamour girls of the silver screen,  and the 1940s which is one of my favourite decades due to the tailored suits and of course the era of nylon stockings!

I chose the Gibson Teardrop 1920s Shoes by American Duchess in black, for many reasons, but mainly because of the heel. I am quite tall, so I don’t favour skyscraper heels. This dainty little heel also mirrors the cuban heel on my nylon stockings that I love to wear.

The little trio of teardrops on each side of the shoes are gorgeous, it’s these details that makes me love Royal Vintage Shoes.

Not only are they beautiful to look at but they are also very easy to put on and extremely comfortable. I simply slip my foot into each shoe, tie the laces and I’m ready; there are no fiddly buckles. I wore these shoes straight out of the box for a full day at work, and they were extremely comfortable. These are not novelty shoes, they are replica vintage shoes that are practical and comfortable.

I have nothing negative to say about these shoes, they are beautiful, comfortable, go perfectly with my clothes, they fit me and they are quite reasonable in price ($145 USD). SOLD!

I wear the US size 11, and they fit me like a dream. I would say that they are true to size.

These shoes come in both black and ivory, and it was very difficult to choose between the colours!

I hope you enjoy the below photos of at the barracks in Fairfax, New South Wales.


Bra and girdle – Vintage Marcel Worth from my boutique

Vintage stockings


Vintage dress – The Gold Hatted Lovers 


Gibson Teardrop 1920s Shoes by American Duchess (Black) 













6 thoughts on “Royal Vintage Shoes – Gibson Teardrop 1920s Review

  1. Those are fabulous shoes, I am so glad you’ve found some that make you ‘feel’ good as well as looking good. I’m a 41 to 42, so I empathise on the larger feet! It seems more commonplace now, my nieces all have big feet so let’s hope that retailers catch up with the upcoming generation and start producing these sizes as standard. xx

    • I agree, there are so many ladies with larger feet now, they need to cater for us!! I guess it’s like anything that’s considered ‘outsize’, such as bras – it’s a risk to make shoes in above average sizes in case they don’t sell 😦

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