Vollers – Paradise corset review

A couple of months ago, Vollers contacted me and asked if I would like to try one of their corsets. Having already heard great things about the well established corset brand, I jumped at the opportunity. Not only did Vollers offer to send me a corset of my choosing, but they also requested my bust, waist and hip measurements so that they could send me a bespoke version. I was extremely excited!

If you haven’t heard about Vollers before, here is a short video:

I have not owned an overbust corset in years, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to try one. I requested the Paradise corset in black satin.


When the corset arrived, I was anxious to try it on for size. Once laced in, it fit like a dream! Vollers will make your corset to your individual sizing for 25% more, which you can request here by filling in your details. I am always impressed when close fitting (non-elasticated) garments fit me well, as I have a very small waist compared to my hips. Not only does the corset fit perfectly, but it also accentuated my curves beautifully.


The bust fits me well, although I have confidence issues when it comes to going out in public wearing overbust corsets as tops, which is why I usually opt for underbusts. I don’t like my back fat showing, and I’m always afraid of my breasts popping out. I dress a lot more modestly than I used to, and I just don’t feel comfortable being that exposed anymore. I think that I will probably wear this over a top or blouse in the future. It is nothing to do with the corset itself, just my own personal issues! The bust line however, is a beautiful shape for those who do like to wear corsets on their own as tops.


I think the spacing between the back panels is perfect, it is slightly open and laces down perfectly straight. These are details that I am beginning to appreciate more and more as I learn about corsets.


The satin outer layer of fabric has a luxurious sheen to it, which adds to the entire look.


Now that I have learned a little more about corsetry, I think that it would improve the corset if at least some sections were double boned. I like my corsets to be firm and this would add to the strength of the garment.


I also wish that the Vollers label was not apparent on the outside of the corset, as I think it looks out place and would be much better just being stitched to the inside. In my opinion, if the label needs to be on the outside, the logo should be a lot more elegant looking, to fit in with the style of the corset.


At £175 (plus 25% for bespoke sizing), I would not be able to afford this corset myself. However if you are looking for a beautifully constructed corset, that looks stunning, and it is within your budget, then I would highly recommend Vollers. Having said that, a custom corset can be much more expensive than this corset, and with it being bespoke on some measurements, it is the next best thing to fully custom.


Thank you Vollers for sending such a beautiful corset my way! I look forward to wearing it again soon.

Click here to be taken to the Vollers website.


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