An interview with Bernie Dexter

I’m very excited to present to you, one of my pin-up idols, Bernie Dexter!

When I started becoming interested in retro and vintage clothing, I remember you being on many of the websites, modelling both underwear and outerwear. You were and still are a big influence for me! How long have you been wearing this style of clothing, and how did you start?  
I started collecting lingerie in 1988 when I was just 18. I was inspired after visiting the Frederick’s of Hollywood store on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood. I had such a HUGE collection for so long, I remember being at work in Beverly hills cosmetic counter one of the girls brushed by me behind the counter and was like “What have you got in under there!!?” hahah I replied ” a garter belt & stockings of course, don’t you wear them?”. It was 1996, I think and most just used pantyhose. I always found wearing lingerie an art form. I enjoy wearing it. It is so fun knowing you have something special and pretty under your clothing.


In your modelling shots, you really embrace the pin-up aesthetic with your facial expressions, poses and styling. Did you spend a lot of time studying old photos, or is it something that comes naturally to you?  
Honestly it come naturally to me. I was always told I was timeless. It use to confuse me… but gradually I understood.
I feel lucky now…


I have noticed that you have fantastic taste in underwear! What are your favourite pieces and why? 
Thank you! Oh I LOVE my What Katie Did collection so much! I just got a the Joan collection, it is sheer lace.
The Showgirl panties are AMAZING. I love everything they do. I recently rediscovered Victorias secret. There is some gorgeous lace sets if fun florecent colors.


When I wear a corset, or fully-fashioned stockings for example, my behaviour and mannerisms change slightly. I feel a lot more feminine compared to when I’m wearing modern underwear. Do you feel different when you put on retro style underwear?  
I naturally always move and feel feminine. I don’t even think about it. I have been called “delicate” by people all my life. hehehe However When I put on a corset it gives me an empowered feeling for sure!


Do you think that shaping garments such as girdles and corsets are important when recreating the vintage style?  
Oh yes absolutely, I love wearing them. They give confidence as well. I love that is something is just slightly a bit snug I slip a girdle on and then it fits perfectly!


How do you feel about women’s fashion now, versus mid-century fashion?  
I think there is s lot os wonderful modern fashion. Wonderful styles and brands. Modern designs I have seen are still reverting back to classic 30’s 40’s & 50’s silhouettes.


Lastly, do you have any advice for ladies who want to wear retro style clothing, but are afraid to take the plunge?  
I think it is always great to wear what is best for your body and makes you feel confident. I think it is always great to wear what is best for your body and makes you feel confident. Experiment. A great place to start is, my styles look great on EVERYBODY. Sizes XS to 4XL!


Photos by Bernie and Levi Dexter

Thank you, Bernie!


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