Royal Vintage Shoes – Saddle Shoes review


Saddle shoes are an icon of vintage style that were commonly seen worn with white bobby socks, by teenage girls in the 1940s and 1950s. However, through reading this great post by Vintage Dancer, I have learned that they were originally designed around 1910 as sports shoes and worn by male golfers. Women later adopted the black and white shoes and made them their own.

I have been curious about these shoes for a while, and couldn’t work out if they would suit me or not. Being almost 30 and having quite the opposite to a teenager’s body, I couldn’t see myself looking good in white bobby socks, a pleated skirt and a sweater. I really wanted to give them a go but wasn’t quite sure how to style them.

I managed to get a pair from Royal Vintage Shoes in my size, which I am always impressed about (you can read why here). The shipping was fast and without issue, despite being sent all the way from the USA, which is another reason I like shopping from Royal Vintage Shoes. This style is called Upper Class Saddle Shoes by Trimfoot (Black/White), I got them in a size 11 and they cost $65, which is a bargain for such an iconic pair of shoes.

The shoes arrived and they looked just like the old vintage adverts, super cute and smart.


I sometimes have trouble with styling an outfit with shoes; I either have an outfit but am unsure about the shoes, or I have a pair of shoes that I really like, but nothing to wear with them. With these shoes, I mulled over how to style them for quite some time, and finally, I decided that a masculine look would be best. A black suit and white shirt to go with the colour of the shoes. But do I own a suit? Do I heck. So, I improvised and wore my version of a suit, just not one that could be worn to any office I know of!

FullSizeRender 8

The shoes came with both black and white laces. I put the white laces in because I liked the contrast against the black, but it’s great to have the option.

I usually find that closed shoes are quite uncomfortable when new, and they often give me blisters. These were comfortable as soon as I put them on; I also wore them to the cinema with leggings, a black tshirt and a leather jacket (what, it was a last minute decision to go out!) which involved quite a lot of running to get out of the rain, and there was zero rubbing. The fact that the tongue of the shoe is padded most probably helps.

FullSizeRender 9

As I mentioned, I would have liked to have worn a suit with these shoes, they bring out my masculine side and I now want to buy an androgenous outfit to wear with them (when I do, I will add photos!). Instead I wore them with a black bra, black corset, black spotty kix’ies and my boyfriend’s white shirt. I liked the feeling of wearing a masculine clothing and footwear with my feminine corset.

FullSizeRender 5I really love these shoes, and am so glad I decided to go for them.
FullSizeRender 10My tabby cat wanted to join in on the action, and seeing as he looked so dapper in his bow-tie, I couldn’t say no.

FullSizeRender 7

If you like the saddle shoe style, check out these masculine and feminine styled Oxfords:

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 11.33.10 pm

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 11.37.43 pm


One thought on “Royal Vintage Shoes – Saddle Shoes review

  1. I like the look on you. But frankly, you could wear phone books on your feet and still look sexy. As for the other varieties, I really like the all black ones with the modest heel (bottom right pic). Saw a young woman wearing those with a slightly higher heel reading in a Starbucks once, and she really rocked the look. Have been a fan of those ever since.

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