Cupcake Photography – 1920s Inspired shoot

Since moving to Australia in 2013, I have met some incredible people. A few years ago, I never would have dreamed that my friends would be make-up artists, bloggers, photographers, corsetieres, dress-makers, vintage hair stylists and many more fabulous occupations; I’m very lucky to have such a talented bunch of friends.

One of the people who brings a smile to my face on a daily basis is Suz, she’s a Wollongong based photographer, who specialised in pin-up and retro styled shoots. Although it does get easier, posing in front of the camera is extremely daunting. It is hard to see what I look like to the photographer, I always wonder if I look like a pratt, and I regularly get stuck for poses. Modelling is not as easy as it looks! Luckily for me, Suz is such a supportive photographer who gives good direction, showers me in compliments all the way through (trust me, it really helps) and has a great sense of humour, which always makes shooting great fun.

A little while ago, my friend Jenna, Suz and I did a little shoot, during which we completely trashed Jenna and her boyfriend’s bedroom to get the right background! It was an extremely hot day and I’m glad Suz managed to photograph me before the make-up slid off my face!

Several of the following photos have been featured in issue 19 of Vintage Boudoir mgazine, which is also another thing that I never thought would happen to me!

Thanks Suz, you’re a super star!

All photos by Cupcake Photography

Hair and make-up by Jenna Orlando

Underwear by What Katie Did, Miss Discreet, Cortland (and vintage pieces)







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