Learning to make bras with Booby Traps!

As some of you may know, I have been sewing more and more over the past year, to the point where my obsession with sewing is catching up with my undergarment obsession! Fortunately I’m able to combine these passions, and have reached a point where I can start learning to make corsets and underwear.

Since completing the three day corset making course with Lowana of Vanyanis, I have gained a little more confidence with my sewing. My old sewing teacher and now friend, Juliet asked me if I wanted to do a bra making course with her at a place called Booby Traps. I was of course very keen and so we signed up.

I was slightly nervous about the course, due to the complexity of bra construction; I was unsure if I was honestly ready to make a bra. Thankfully all my concerns were quickly forgotten about as soon as we entered the little studio, as Dee (the owner of Booby Traps) and Lin (the teacher) were incredibly welcoming and encouraging.

First of all, we each tried on a bra in the size pattern we had selected when booking the course, just to ensure that it would fit properly. Once that was done, we started to trace our patterns. Once the pattern was  drawn out, we then took our Booby Traps bra kits (so handy by the way, go check them out) and pinned the pieces to the fabric. If you are interested, I made the BOO3 in a 14DD.

The thing that made me nervous of making both corsets and bras, is that they look like really complex garments to put together. However, I have learned that the trick is to break the garment down into easy steps, and calmly working through them. It sounds obvious but I previously had a tendency to panic and assume I would fail, even before I had started!

Lin and Dee patiently helped us through each step and after a few hours, we had made a bra! I was so happy that I managed to complete it, and even happier that it was wearable!

The class was a lot of fun, and I learned so much. I’m hoping to keep on practising and to make plenty more bras for myself in the future!









For my first bra, I don’t think I did too badly!

If you would like to learn to make underwear, please check out the Booby Traps website.


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