Nita 1940s Ankle Strap Sandals by Royal Vintage

My Royal Vintage Nita 1940s shoes have arrived, and I am in LOVE.

The Nita shoes are in my opinion, perfect taller girls like me. I am 5’11” and although I very much enjoy wearing heels, I really hate the height of modern high heels. Not only do they make me look like a giant, they are also not particularly comfortable. Long gone are my student days, when I would go out at the beginning of the night in sky-scraper shoes, only to remove them a few hours later  and walk home bare foot (I was all class during uni, ladies and gentlemen). No, I want to keep my shoes on my damn feet!

Having said that, despite the heel only being 3″ high, the Nita shoe is extremely sexy. The jet black suede leather, combined with the ankle strap just screams vintage glamour! The first thing I thought of when I saw them was ‘Film Noir’, and I wanted to try to channel that look and feel whilst wearing these shoes. I chose to wear them with my new night gown that I purchased from Fortuna Femme.

Although I adored wearing these shoes with loungewear around the house, I can see these working with practically any outfit from an evening gown to a utilitarian 40s suit. They are extremely versatile and I’m really excited to own them, they will most probably become the only pair of shoes I wear for a while.

If you like this style, you are very likely to also like the other styles that Royal Vintage Shoes have recently released. They are all very much inspired by the 1940s and I can pretty much guarantee that you will also fall in love with the Dolores slingbacks and the Marilyn pumps!

In all honestly, I can easily say that these are my favourite shoes of all time. Seriously ladies, if you’re after an elegant pair of heels and want to support a great brand, I genuine recommend checking these out. You will not be disappointed. Plus… at $145 a pair, you’re not about to break the bank!



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