Crimson Nylon Swish suspender belt

As you may be aware, I recently brought out my own little line of suspender belts; I decided to start with white suspender belts, with the intention of bringing out black versions at a later date. However, quite a few of you contacted me asking why I hadn’t brought out a whole array of colourways. There are many reasons for this, however I managed to find a way around it – dye!


You may remember that I dyed some Rago underwear a while ago. Seeing as that turned out well (eventually), I was a lot more confident this time round. I decided to go for a crimson colour for this suspender belt, and I’m pretty happy with the result!

I started by putting some water on to boil. While the water heated up, I removed the tabs from the suspender clips, I didn’t want them to melt during the dyeing process. Once the water was boiling, I emptied the contents of my iDye Poly crimson dye into the saucepan and waited for it to dissolve. Then, in went the suspender belt.


When I finished making my crimson suspender belt soup, I rinsed the belt in the sink, whilst trying very hard to not turn the kitchen red.

Honestly, once the dye had was rinsed out of the fabric, I thought I had made a mistake. The colour seemed way too dark.



However, as the belt started to dry, the colour calmed down quite a bit and I was much happier with it.
If you want a 10, 12 or 14 strap suspender belt in a bright colour, you can now either dye one of The Nylon Swish line or I can dye it for you (and save you the mess). Check it out, it’s pretty darn nice!



One thought on “Crimson Nylon Swish suspender belt

  1. i think you did a fine job. It looks marvelous, and especially the garter straps. The rubber in them always seem to not want to absorb the color.
    It is NOT too dark. It looks quite tantalizing and sexy. I can only think of what ten or twelve straps will look like.

    A red one will be perfect for the Christmas holidays along with a red cut out bra and red panties. Some full fashioned black nylons will set it off perfectly too.

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