A journey to full body confidence – Dealing with hair-loss

This Nylon Swish isn’t just a blog about pretty underwear, it has also helped me to gain confiedence in myself and my body. I’m well on my way to loving my curves, but there is one thing that I am still learning to accept; my hair.

It’s taken me a very long time to come out and say this publicly, but I am suffering for hair loss.

Since the age of 17, my hair has been getting thinner and thinner. Although it stabilised in my early twenties, I later suffered from alopecia during an abusive relationship. As a result, I resorted to clipping dozens of strips of hair extensions to my head, as well as hiding gaps with tactical styling. After I split from my abusive boyfriend, I again lost a significant amount of hair; and it bothered me every single day.

The below photo of me is from about 5 years ago and my hair consists of about 90% extensions, 5% dry shampoo and 5% my own hair. Notice the extreme comb-over.It might look good but the sheer weight of the extensions gave me excruciating headaches.


Last year I finally found a company called Transitions Hair that specialises in women’s hair loss and different solutions to help conceil and/ or fix the issue. The one option that stood out to me was this thing called crown-extension. Crown-extensions are effectively the top part of a wig, and they are designed to be clipped to and blend into a woman’s own hair. The parting is extremely realistic and it means that the wearer can also wear their hair in a ponytail, whilst still looking natural.

The below photo from Transitions Hair blew me away…


When I found this, I honestly couldn’t stop myself from crying. I was tired of the heavy extensions that hurt and couldn’t conceil the real problem area, which was the top of my head. This was the solution that I had been dreaming of for the last ten years. I booked an appointment with Transitions Hair and hoped that they would be able to help.

A few weeks later, I had my new crown-extension and it was life changing. I’m not exagerrating. I was able to style my hair the way I liked it, I stopped thinking about hair loss, I stopped thinking about different ways to style the 15 hairs on my head, and it was such a relief to not have to fill my hair with dry shampoo and heavy hair extensions. Best of all, I can style the back of my hair by… taking it off!

I learned how to style my crown extension and have even managed some pretty vintage styles.


Why am I telling you all this? Well because I know that there are so many women suffering from hair loss. Femal hair loss is such a taboo, and most women don’t even want to discuss it amongst themselves. So I want you to know that one in three women suffer from hair loss and there is help available. Do not suffer alone, and don’t be embarrassed to discuss it with friends and family. Women need to help other women!

If you would like to buy a real hair wig, I highly recommend Soho Hair in Sydney, as well as Transitions Hair for crown extensions and other solutions. You should also check out my blog post about how to create a vintage style, if that’s something you’re interested in!

Publicly talking about my hair loss has been liberating, but it has also taught me about lots of other issues relating to hair-loss that other women suffer from, as well as the various solutions.

I recently met a lovely lady named Stephanie who runs her own business called Style by Divine. I found out that she helps ladies out with their natural eyebrows, as well as helping women who have experienced hair loss from their faces through chemo or alopecia. She mentioned ‘eyebrow wigs’ which I had no idea about, and I wanted to know more.


Stephanie very kindly shared some more information with me about her business!

I began my journey as a beauty therapist in Newcastle some 26 years ago. Over the years I worked, managed or owned salons in Newcastle, Sydney and Perth areas.  

In 2013 Style by Divine was born when I decided to concentrate and specialise in vintage makeup, hair styling and also shaping and reconstructing eyebrows.  


Eyebrows have always been a passion of mine, and not just because they have suddenly become fashionable.  
Back in the day clients would bring pictures of models or celebrities from a magazine (there was no google or Instagram then) and ask could I make their brows look the same. So to me it is an art form. 

There is so much more to eyebrow shaping then just plucking out a few stray hairs. A professional eyebrow shape can balance a face, make you look years younger in minutes, and boost your confidence. When you book in, its never just a wax on wax off. It’s an individual custom shape that is created for your face. 


As well as reshaping and restyling I also specialise in reconstructing eyebrows. This is done either with extensions or wigs.  

Extensions are designed for women or men who have plucked, shaved or lost a part of their eyebrow due to various reasons.  
Made from 100% human hair. Individual hairs are attached into the eyebrow, onto the hair or skin, to fill in the missing areas.  
Lasting up to 2 weeks, this is a perfect semi permanent alternative for missing eyebrows.  


False Eyebrows (or eyebrow wigs) have been designed to help give confidence back to women and men, who have lost most, or all of their eyebrow hair. Either due to illness, medical treatments, hormonal changes or alopecia.  

The false eyebrows are made from 100% human hair, hand made in Australia. They are glued onto the skin with eyebrow adhesive, similar to latex glue used for wigs. lasting up to a week. They are re-useable and last up to 2-3 months if they are cared for properly.


So, if you are suffering from hair-loss, I hope that this post has been both helpful and reassuring. Please don’t be afraid to speak to someone, you’re not alone!


5 thoughts on “A journey to full body confidence – Dealing with hair-loss

  1. Hi, I suffered total hair loss when going through treatment for lymphoma ten years ago. Now for guys it’s usually accepted for baldness to occur, but I was only thirty one and didn’t have any hair from around my second dose of chemotherapy. To better prepare myself for the hair loss I shaved my head so that I’d get used to being pretty much bald. Now I had a total breakdown in the shower one morning when I was washing the stubble on my head when it just all stuck to my hands and from that day onwards for the next six months or so I was totally devoid of facial, head and body hair. I tell you, you really feel the cold!

    Anyway I suppose why I replied to this was that I also had radiotherapy to my face, because of tumours growing in my sinuses, I was out rightly told that I’d never grow a beard again! Now I’ve pretty much had a beard throughout the entirety of my life so to be told that I’d pretty much lose it I was devastated, needless to say I’ve made it a life long thing to never shave off my beard in my own personal way of defiance of being told that it would be no more!

  2. Thank you for this post. Hair loss is such a taboo for women and something of a joke subject towards men and it really shouldn’t be either.

    I currently have no hair due to chemotherapy and although I thought I’d be okay with it, I have found that I do struggle with the fact regularly. I wear a false fringe and headscarves as my wigs give me an excruciating headache, and I hate not having hair. I also hate not having eyebrows and most of my lashes have fallen out. I didn’t realise how much mf my sense of self was tied to having hair!!

    • Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through this. I also don’t particularly like wigs as they also give me headaches. I found that this crown extension is so light that I forget I’m wearing it, which is a blessing. However I know that Transitions Hair have a solution which involves glueing the wig to the scalp. It involves going back every month to have it refitted but it might be worth investigating if you are getting so upset about it. I don’t know where you’re located but if you’re outside of Australia it may be worth contacting them anyway and asking if they know of anyone local to you. I wish you all the best in your recovery. Elinor xxxx

  3. Hi Elinor,
    not only am I addicted to your style but I suffer the same problems with hair loss. Really hard to find a solution and stay strong whilst all your surrounding seems to not have these problems or even recognize this. Thanks for your article, it is inspiring anyway!

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