House of Satin – Revamped


You may remember that last year, I reviewed a House of Satin set. HoS was a very reasonably priced lingerie brand, selling retro styled bras, knickers, girdles and suspender belts. If you don’t wish to read my previous post, my summary is that despite a few design flaws (in my opinion), the set that I purchased was great value for money and a very good brand for newbies to start with.


A few months after my review, I went back to their website, only to find a holding page instead of items for sale. I later found out from the owner that they were in the process of redrafting their patterns, designing new styles and giving their website a make-over.

I was extremely excited to see what they were doing. Close to their launch, HoS started to release sneak previews of the new designs on their instagram and facebook. The colours being shown were beautifully vintage inspired with soft peach satins and pretty laces. The styling was completely different and the items were being modelled by ladies, rather than plastic mannequins. It seemed that HoS had done a complete U-turn and changed everything. So when the owner contacted me to ask if I would like to review some of their pieces I was very keen!

Since House of Satin were doing a complete relaunch, I thought it might be interesting to review a bra, suspender belt and knicker set, just like I did the first time. A short while later, I received a beautifully wrapped parcel containing the black Foundation Lace set. Pictured below is the bra and knicker set next to the full set , so that you can see the knickers too.


I am wearing:

Bra – Foundation Lace Longline Bra Black – £46.50 – Size 38DD

Suspender belt – Foundation Lace Suspender Belt Black – £32 – Size 16

Knickers – Foundation Lace Mini Brief Black – £16.50 – Size 16

My first impressions were that the new underwear is much nicer than the previous set that I reviewed. The lace is very pretty and changes the entire look of the set. The straps are wide on both the bra and th suspender belt, and the clips are still metal which gets a thumbs up from me.


Sizing and fit

It was easy to choose the sizes that I needed in each piece and I think that I got it right. I have gone up a dress size since my last review so please bear that in mind if comparing this post to my previous review.

The bra is very comfortable and a lot more supportive than I was expecting. Please not that this bra doesn’t have an underwire, and this makes my boobs and ribs very very happy (I hate underwires).


The one thing that I was a bit ‘meh’ about was the back. I prefer a lot more coverage on my back as I have a large back. That is however, a very personal preference. This back would be perfect for dresses that come down quite low at the back.


The suspender belt fits me nicely. I think this is my favourite item out of the three, as it looks really pretty, and sits just at the right place on my waist. It is also quite  a deep belt which I love.


The knickers fit me sooooo much better this time around. If you remember, the previous ones gave me a slight ‘builder’s bum’ which I wasn’t too impressed by if I’m honest. They were very comfortable, but I think next time I will go for the full brief, just because I have a belly that has known a pizza or two and it needs some controlling.


Quality and value for money

The fabrics used this time around are much better than my first set, I also feel like the workmanship has improved. However, there is one thing thing that has not changed, which does bother me a little – The bra cups.

Here’s a photo from the first set:


The seams in the middle of the cup were not very smooth and there were lots of ripples, which caused my outerwear to sit strangely whilst wearing this bra.

This new model still has the same issue, which is a bit of shame.


You may have noticed that the prices have increased since the relaunch, as you can see below from the comparison between my first and second set:

Bra 1 – £9.95 vs Bra 2 – £46.50

Suspender belt 1 – £14 vs Suspender belt 2 – £32

Knickers 1 – £5.50 vs Knickers 2 – £16.50

I think that the prices that HoS were charging the first time around were VERY cheap. this is something that would have appealed to newbies, and was a low risk purchase for them. However, this price increase has removed this aspect. I don’t necessarily think that is bad though. I don’t think their original prices were sustainable and with the changes to the designs, and fabrics being used, HoS are (in my opinion) right to increase the price. That being said, I think that looking at other similar items available on the market, their price point is a little high.

Overall, I think that House of Satin has done a really great job with their relaunch. the website looks great, the fact that women are modelling the underwear rather than plastic mannequins is a massive improvement. I really like the diversity in products available on the website too. The lace robes and under-skirts are gorgeous, and I love the Gatsby inspired pieces.

I would definitely buy from them and I’m really excited to see what they do next!


5 thoughts on “House of Satin – Revamped

  1. I’ve been so curious about this set, so I’m thrilled for you to have reviewed it!
    Would you be able to speak on whether it’s true to size in the bra? I’m not sure if I should size up, size down, or not at all. Thank you!

  2. I was so confused when they re-launched, I couldn’t believe it was the same company! Looks like the quality has improved but I agree about the prices being just slightly too high compared to similar brands. Loveing this set on you especially the low back on the bra.

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