A cross-dresser’s story – Rachael’s wardrobe

If this is your first time reading about Rachael, please refer to her previous two installment to learn more about her – A cross-dresser’s story – The beginning and A cross-dresser’s story – Getting to know Rachael.

My wardrobe has just about everything you would find in one belonging to any female you may know, although my collection of girdles, at the last count over 20, is probably excessive (just a bit).

I still wear girdles and stockings together but have progressed to proper shaping corsets which lace up the back and have strong steel bones.  I believe I have over a dozen of them, the latest addition being a 26” tight lacing under bust corset from Mystic City Corsets in the US of A, and I have just about got this seasoned and closed fully.  Not bad for a chap with a natural 35” waist I think.


I adore the feeling of constantly being ‘hugged’ by a nice firm corset and of course they can be worn under or over normal clothing and if worn under, it is known as ‘stealthing.’  Corsets also give one a fabulous feminine hour glass figure and for someone who grew up in the glamour years of the 50’s and 60’s an hourglass figure is very desirable.

Although I have said I am very much in to tight-lacing now, I do have a selection of overbust corsets also.  Again, most of them bought over the internet, mainly in satin and PVC but have one covered in beautiful blue sequins and one in gorgeous red velvet.

I bought the sequin and velvet ones from Susie Adams whom I have previously mentioned, and she runs a company called Fetish Corsets UK.  I was very fortunate that the second time I visited Susie for a makeover, she allowed me to wear a green sequined overbust corset and I fell in love with it immediately and although it looked good on me, I preferred the blue one, so bought that instead.  And this led me on to the velvet one as she let me try one of those too. A very good sales woman is Susie!


The overbust corsets are more difficult to wear, well I find this to be the case, as one is very restricted in ones’ movements.  The torso is held quite rigidly but this also has the effect of improving ones’ posture and as a bonus, ones’ feminine movement when walking or sitting.  You cannot slouch whilst wearing an overbust corset but to me, that is the point, I want to look and feel like a woman.

Getting the right size corset is of course vitally important and I was lucky enough to have Susie assist me with that and I shall be forever grateful to her.

For my later Mystic City Corsets I completed their on-line measurement form, which can appear a little daunting to us CD’s, and sent it off.  I received a very quick reply detailing my body style/shape and the corsets which would suit me best.  I am sure other corset companies would do the same as the last thing they want is a disgruntled customer bad mouthing them all over the web.

I of course was so happy with my first purchase, I have gone back for more.


Another favourite lingerie item of mine is the loud ‘rustly’ stiff nylon or Taffeta slip.  This was favoured by women in the 60’s.  These gorgeous slips help prevent ‘seating’ of skirts and dresses when sitting.  Really, just the stretching of the material causing a saggy bum.  But they do have that wonderful rustle as you move about, something I have adored all my life and which was so normal in the day.

I have managed to buy the greater majority of my clothing via the internet, eBay being my main source although Amazon has also provided some of may make up products.  I even got to being on first name terms with a couple of eBay suppliers I was buying so much from them lol.

I have however, happily gone into ladies’ dress shops and casually purchased various dresses, skirts and tops, whilst in male mode and in truth, although the assistant probably guessed that the items were for me, they never said or did anything other than be polite and helpful.  At the end of the day, a sale is a sale.  I haven’t been shopping as Rachael and I am sure it will be a massive thrill as and when I do reach that point.  I can only imagine trying on dresses and skirts in the changing areas.

I buy just about all my stockings and tights/panty hose on the web through such outlets as Stockings HQ and the Tight Spot here in the UK.  I have also bought suspender belts from them too (another item of lingerie I adore).  To have the straps of the belt rubbing against nicely smooth legs and tugging at the tops of ones’ stockings is also a gorgeous feeling.


I personally find the old style of fully-fashioned and reinforced heel (RHT) nylons the best.  They do not stretch and feel heavenly to the touch, either the hand or the legs.  However, these are more expensive and can be very delicate.  They also ladder quite easily which is frustrating so if wearing them and you’re out and about, carry a spare pair in your hand bag.  And yes, I have a selection of hand bags too, of varying colours.

I can only say that from personal experience do not be afraid to buy the clothes you like in person.  The greater majority of the assistants are so helpful and understanding that you won’t be treated badly.  Buy with confidence.


2 thoughts on “A cross-dresser’s story – Rachael’s wardrobe

  1. Fab stuff Rachael. I’m a little be jelly of the sound of your clothing collection – mine’s currently very limited, but growing… I’ve done my share of shopping in male mode, and have been out to shops at night while working away from home, but have recently ventured out in the day while dressed en-femme. This was worrying at the time, as the area I was in is not known for it’s acceptance of anything or anyone being a bit different. I didn’t get a single bad remark or comment – it was a very good experience overall, especially the visit to the make-up counters in Debenhams where the girls could not do enough to help with all sorts of tips and samples, and a nice few touch-ups to my make up. You’re very right about many ladies clothing shops – you can buy anything without raising any/much fuss – and even trying things on (even when in male mode) has not been frowned upon for the majority of stores. An early shopping experience for myself was a bra-fitting in M&S – I simply rang up and booked a slot (explaining that I’d be arriving in male mode), turned up and the assistant (a lovely middle-age lady, who I got to know well on my later visits) could not do enough to help me – suggesting complimenting items to complete outfits and then fetching them for me to try on. I rudely asked if she was on commission – no, she wasn’t – just wanted to provide a good customer service – and I’d say she went over and above any expectation I had. As you say, “Buy with confidence”

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