Thai underwear

During my first trip to Thailand, I must confess to not paying much attention to the underwear. This time around however, Mr Swish and I made sure we looked in every underwear department we walked past.

I took a few sneaky photos to show you all some of my favourite styles, although I must apologise for the quality of the photos, we were being watched quite closely by the staff!

We were both pleasantly surprised to find that much of the underwear available in mainstream shops was surprisingly reminiscent of many mid-century styles. Longline wire-free bras were surprisingly common and had they been available in my size, I would have snapped many of them up. More on sizing later though.



Curiously, many of the longline bras were designed with a horisontal zip just below the bust. What for? I have absolutely no idea, maybe to keep spare change in…


We were also very excited to see Triumph Doreen style bras in many different colours and variations.


However, we were slightly confused by the sizing in all the shops that we went to. The only bra sizes that we could find were, 34B, 36C and 90D or alternatively, small, medium and large…Random. I found the latter sizes very strange, as I would size a bralet as such, but definitely not a structured bra! We couldn’t find any bras larger than a 90D anywhere, so I have no idea where larger busted women buy their bras from…

Amongst the beautiful bras were some pretty badass knickers too, the big style of pants that I really love to wear. There were quite a few light waist-cinchers, which quite honestly wouldn’t have done much, but they were a nice nod to the retro style!

There was also plenty of padding available, in lots of different colours. They reminded me very much of the What Katie Did bullet bra pads.

Speaking of padding…
My absolute favourite piece of them all however was this bra. I love how practical it is, and yet it is incredibly feminine. I was devasted that it didn’t come in my size. As you can see, this one came in a size ‘large’, whatever that means.



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