How to get curves like Jayne Mansfield

Like many women who love vintage clothing, I look to the glamorous Hollywood  stars of the past for style inspiration. Of course the stunning form-fitting dresses, elegant footwear and dazzling jewellery make up the outfit, but for me it’s the silhouette that makes the look.

One of my go-to ladies is the timeless beauty, Jayne Mansfield. Her beautiful hourglass figure, with her measurements of 40-21-35 inches is pretty close to my dream shape. Fortunately until I can make it, I can definitely fake it!  Jayne would most certainly have worn some firm foundations to make those dresses really pop, and if foundations were good enough for Jayne….

If you would like to recreate Jayne’s hourglass firgure, here are some undergarment suggestions:


Ms Mansfield wasn’t shy about exposing a bit of cleavage, so I wouldn’t suggest anything modest or minimising.

Secrets in Lace are pretty well known for making sexy vintage-inspired underwear, and their push up bras are perfect for a Mansfieldesque bust. Here are a couple of my favourites…

Cabaret Satin Plunge Bra

Cabaret Lace Plunge Bra

I also really like this bra by What Katie Did, as it definitely adds some oomph!

Bra Glamour Nouveau


Jayne’s famously small waist was certainly assisted by a corset. She had quite a sharp hip-dip, rather than a smooth waist to hip line. As such I would suggest the following corsets to achieve a similar shape:

The Vamp by What Katie Did

Secrets in Lace Classic Under Bust Corset


Jayne always made sure her tummy, hips and bum were incredibly smooth and flawless under her clothes. Girdles are definitely the way to go to achieve the same results.

What Katie Did Bizarre Girdle

Secrets in Lace Heather Girdle (Rago)


In order to complete the look, I’d recommend some fully-fashioned stockings. These come in a variety of styles and colours.

Gio Fully-Fashioned Stockings

I hope this helps you to achieve a Mansfield level of bombshell!


2 thoughts on “How to get curves like Jayne Mansfield

  1. Liked the article! I have a question…I have just recently started wearing stockings. I know that they will take some getting used to. Mostly I wear seamed pantyhose during the week and on weekends when my husband is at home I put on the whole bit in the morning until I go to bed at night. Long-line bra, girdle and stockings. Usually a full,full pettticoat as that is the type of dress or skirt I normally wear. I can’t wait to shed it ALL come bedtime. Am I alone or will I get used to this?

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