Back In Style – Why these women love their stockings

I’m often asked if women actually wear stockings as part of their daily outfits. Many people assume that women only wear them for boudoir photoshoots, or just for fun in the bedroom. I’m told that women don’t really wear stockings for daily wear because they are outdated, expensive and inconvenient for the wearer.

However I know of women who only wear them on special occasions, and others who wear them every single day as well as everything in between. The following eight women from around the world, kindly volunteered to share their experiences of wearing stockings. Read on to find out why, in 2017, they still love to slip on a pair of stockings!

Anna (aka Xamia Arc), 21 is a film student and part time seamstress from New Zealand.

I usually wear stockings around 5-6 times a week in the cooler months but at the moment only 2-3 times a week.

I usually wear vintage and retro styled outfits, though I do also dabble in gothier looks. It’s always with a full skirt though. This is sometimes risky living in a very windy place but it’s worth it!

I usually spend $12-$22 on a pair of stockings and generally purchase a pair every month or so. I probably spend $250-ish a year.

I love how stockings make me feel. Not only are they extremely comfortable but I feel so much more able to move in them than pantyhose. I also love the feeling of them and feeling the tautness of the garter straps against my legs. They make me feel more confident too, as I know I am wearing my favourite kind of lingerie!

I first started wearing them because I was getting into the vintage style. At first I only had one pair from What Katie Did which I bought when I was around 16 and wore them only for special occasions. A couple of years ago I just decided to buy them when I needed new pantyhose. Now I wear them all the time and I find them so much more wearable and comfortable! They are also much more fun to put on and take off and look so good!

Colour image by JRM Photography – B&W image by Jill Kerswill Photography

Sarah (aka Miss Dottie DeMure), 26, is a receptionist from Melbourne.

I started wearing stockings on a regular basis last year. During Summer I wear them sparingly but in cooler months I wear them every day to work (Monday- Friday). Despite how sheer they are (15 denier) they do add some warmth to my outfits so they very much are a Winter wardrobe staple.

I usually wear full skirts and dresses when I wear stockings because I find that my suspender clips look a little strange in tight fitting skirts.

On average I spend about $15 a pair and because of the stocking shredding combination of being too chronically time poor and having long nails, I have to replace them quite often. I probably spend about $100 a year.

Stockings give me this secret sense of feminine empowerment and makes me feel a little extra confident and glamorous.

I started wearing stockings once I had immersed myself into the pinup scene and as I felt my confidence and sense of style bloom. When I first started dressing in the pinup style I’d first bought a pair of seamed pantyhose to achieve the look because I didn’t even know anyone still made stockings. Once I discovered that they very much are still made, I ditched the pantyhose and never looked back. Compared to pantyhose/tights a good fitting pair of stockings are so much more comfortable and there’s no constant “un-lady like” adjusting like you would be doing with the crotch of those pesky pantyhose. I am very much converted to stockings now and love how they encourage me to embrace my figure, my feminity and boost my confidence when I wear them along with my full vintage style lingerie.

Photos by Meagan Mead

Katie, 25, is a Sex Educator from Salt Lake City, Utah.

I tend to wear my stockings more so when the weather turns colder (which in Utah, is a weekly occurrence) or if I’m going out for the evening. When dressing, I prefer a more vintage look, I practically live in skirts, blouses and dresses.

I’ll spend anywhere from $9-$30 on a pair of nylons. If I could, I’d live in vintage stockings, but alas, they’re becoming a lot more scarce these days. I have a few pairs that I save for special occasions otherwise I stick with ‘What Katie Did‘ or other smaller named brands that I know work for my shape. Luckily, I work in a place that sells a TON of hosiery, so it gives me a chance to try out a bunch of different brands. I figure yearly I probably spend about $60-$80 on stockings, I’ve gotten pretty good at keeping what I have as nice for as long as possible.

I grew up on old movies and found old Hollywood actresses like Bette Davis and Natalie Wood absolutely enthralling! I’d constantly look forward to any excuse to dress the way they did. The part I always found the most fascinating was what held those fabulous women together.

I loved how each piece of lingerie was not only pleasing to the eye but held a purpose as well. For myself, wearing stockings is one of the best feelings in the world, from that subtle swish they make when you walk to the gentle tug on the backs of your thighs when you sit. They are my ultimate confidence booster and my favorite security blanket. When I wear stockings, I feel like I can take on the world.

I really started getting into wearing nylons and shapewear about 4 years ago when I started working in a retro dress shop at the local mall. It was the perfect excuse to completely indulge my love for vintage underpinnings. My time spent working there has long since passed but investing in stockings and good shapewear is something I plan on doing til the day I die.

Stéphanie, 40, is a manager’s assistant in construction. She lives in Brussels where she loves to cook, and blog about recipes.

I wear stockings almost every day. I choose my lingerie according to my outfit and stockings that I want to wear with it. For work, in my life, on weekends … It’s on a daily basis. I have a lot of trouble not wearing nylons on the rare occasions that I wear trousers. I much prefer stockings with seams, it is a little my trademark and I feel naked without them!

Some of my stockings are just for my collection because they are not in my size. On the other hand I wear all those in my collection that fit me.

I have been wearing stockings since I was 15 so it’s a part of me now. I also wear them because I find them a thousand times more comfortable than pantyhose. The 40s and 50s have always been a passion for me and especially the feminine and glamorous styles.

On average I spend between 12 and 20 € per pair. But I do pay much more for a vintage silk pairs for example. Per year I spend about €1000…


Joleen, 30, runs Retro Respection, an online vintage and collectables store in Collie Western Australia. 

I usually wear stockings when I am heading out somewhere, either to a market, a nice dinner or a catch-up with friends. This is normally only every third weekend or so but the more I wear stockings the easier I find it and the more I want to get them on.

I dress in vintage style most days, so a lot of full skirts and petticoats or fitted wiggle dresses. I have a mix of true vintage pieces and new vintage inspired.

I like to get quality over quantity with my stockings and find that spending a decent amount of money on a good pair that will last longer than a cheap pair works out more money efficient in the long run. I spend about $35-$45 a pair and my latest pair have lasted me 2 months so far and are still going strong, I have worn them about 15 times.

Stockings make me feel super confident and sexy! I feel like I can achieve anything and the best thing is that I do it for myself, no one else. Its incredible how one piece of hosiery can make you feel powerful.

The very first time I tried stockings was for a photoshoot when I began dressing vintage style about 4 years ago. I absolutely hated them! Looking back now I realise they were they wrong size for me and I was so disappointed that I couldnt wear them. Little did I know at that time that there were so many more options out there! I didnt try again until about 1 year ago after following The Nylon Swish for a while. I did my research and found some styles that were more suitable to my shape and of course a suitable garter belt to match! It has been a slow increase since then.

I started just wearing them around the house to get used to the feel and then ventured down town, of course I thought everyone knew what I had on under my dress and it terrified me but over time, once I became used to them it became second nature. I love the feel, I love the power trip and I love reminiscing of vintage days gone by.

Meg Sullivan, 25, is a spare Parts Manager in a Boat Dealership from South Gipsland.

I prefer to wear stockings for special ocassions as the nature of my work doesn’t lean to stockings on the laziest of days, let alone dresses at all.

I generally wear 50’s style rock n roll dresses. The vintage style really suits me the best.

I don’t like to spend too much money on stockings as I am new to it and break them too often. Probably no more than $15-$20 per pair.

Stockings make me feel sexy, confident, and vintage.

I’ve worn shapewear of some kind for years to make my figure look the best underneath my dresses. After a while I got sick of co-ordinating my body to put on pantyhose (eugh). I had always been in love with vintage lingerie and had a penchant for the finer kinds of underwear. I started to explore what was available in my size and was pleasantly surprised to find a fair range (mostly thanks to discovering your fabulous blog). I then purchased this girdle and a few pairs of stockings and haven’t looked back! Sadly the girdle has seen better days and has been patched a fair amount!

30 year old science student from sub-tropical Queensland.

I wear stockings an average of two to three times a week for most of the year, but I wear them only rarely during summer.

I usually wear full skirts over stockings, often with a petticoat.

I spend about AU$15-20 per pair of stockings.

I enjoy feeling feminine and elegant in stockings. I’ve been wearing stockings for around six years. I started wearing them when I began to wear retro fashions.

Kristi, 39, is a psychotherapist in private practice from Pasadena, California, USA.

Although I would like to wear them more often, I usually wear stockings about once per week under clothing such as a swing dress or swing skirt. Sometimes I wear them under pencil skirts as well. I usually wear stockings when I’m going out, but to be honest, I really could wear them more in the office on a nearly daily basis. Just not when I wear jeans or trousers, obviously! I usually prefer to wear vintage stockings, but I also love the fully fashioned or seamed ones from What Katie Did.

They range in price at vintage markets that I’ve been to anywhere from two dollars a pair to $30 a pair through retailers such as The Nylon Swish and Fortuna Femme. TNS and FF have beautiful vintage stockings for fuller thighs and I love that! I don’t have a great deal of stockings, so I’d say I spend about $40-$50 per year on stockings.

How do stockings make me feel? Honestly, it depends on the stockings! Usually if I wear nude or taupe colored stockings, I feel elegant and very much myself. They make me feel sexy and confident and sometimes like I’ve got a little secret. Other times it just really makes me feel like I am my authentic self.

I feel like they complement my style and complete my vintage inspired outfits. When I wear black sheer seemed stockings, it makes me feel a little sexy, sometimes a little naughty.

I started wearing stockings about seven or eight years ago. I’ve always wanted to get into vintage styles, but I never really thought that I could “pull it off”. I think one day I just went for it and started shopping at vintage reproduction retailers. I had always loved 30s, 40s, and 50s styles but didn’t have the confidence for it. I became a member of a lingerie group on Facebook for fuller busted girls to get support on lingerie and as I became more acquainted with those wonderful women, I learned more about stockings and lingerie (and my correct bra size!). I found that the community was really supportive and wonderful and they taught me a lot and I feel like they really helped me come into myself. That group led me to you actually! And I’ve learned a lot from your blog posts and really appreciate them.

Thank you so much to all the beautiful ladies who were kind enough to share their stories with us. 


12 thoughts on “Back In Style – Why these women love their stockings

  1. What a gorgeous bunch! I can honestly say I only have the chance to wear stockings on special occasions, but when I do, I adore how they make me feel. There’s nothing quite like it! x

  2. I bought my first suspender belt and stockings about 3 weeks ago. I’ve only worn them once so far. All day long I was hyper aware of having them on but in a good way! It’s strange to feel so modest and demure and yet so sexy and subversive at the same time!

  3. Nice to see the older styles coming back into vogue. I know for me there is still an air of mystery around a nice pair of stockings, Way classier looking than pantyhose.

  4. Thanks for sharing your stories, loved reading them. I find that sometimes the clips can appear under my workdresses but it depends on the dress. So if I feel they aren’t showing then I’ll wear stockings, otherwise I wear pantyhose.

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  6. As a male, I found this article fascinating. It’s always interesting to read why women like or don’t like wearing items of clothing.

    I was especially interested that attracting sexual interest of men (or indeed women) was not mentioned by any of the participants. A couple said they felt sexy. But there was no indication that they were doing it for external consumption. I’m not sure if they were simply being reserved and they deliberately decided not to admit it, or if they genuinely did not consider the effect on others to be an issue.

    For many men, stockings are the ultimate form of sexy legwear. I assume many women don’t wear stockings regularly for this reason. (Although, perhaps not). But they certainly don’t cite men’s interest as a reason for wearing them.

    I also found it interesting that the women found wearing stockings to be retro. Wearing stockings seems to be for the most part uncommon in conventional life, left to the world of performers and exhibitionists.

    I have sometimes imagined what it would be like to wear stockings as a women in conventional life. It occurs to me that I probably would not wear stockings in situations where I was likely to be embarrassed or ridiculed. And if I did wear them, I would probably wear long skirts too.

      • That is true. But it’s not all about men. It’s really whether perception of external opinions (whether from men, women or society as a whole) factor into the decision. In general, the answer is probably yes, even if done subconsciously

      • Not everything women do is for men. Some people (as difficult as you may find to believe it) do things for themselves. Nobody cares about your penis.

      • I’m sorry if I offended you. It was not my intention. I just wanted to give my views on your very interesting article. I will not follow or comment further on your posts. Best regards and I apologise again for irritating you.

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