A quick guide to putting on stockings

Putting on stockings gets easier over time, but it’s definitely a skill that can take a little bit of practice. For those of you who are unsure of how to put on a pair of stockings, or have previously tried and snagged them, I have put together a quick guide.

Before I start, it’s important to note that a good suspender belt is recommended to keep your stockings in place. I have written a guide on choosing a good quality suspender belt, which you can find by clicking here. Since publishing this post, I have also released my own line of suspender belts, which are specifically designed to keep you stockings up, check them out here.

Let’s get started!

1. Put your suspender belt on

2. Gently slip your hand into the stocking, and gather up the length of the stocking

3. Put your toes into the end of the stocking, adjust as required

4. Pull the stocking up, until it reaches the top of your thigh

5. Place the button on the inside of your stocking and the metal clip on the outside of the stocking. The stocking should sit between the button and metal clip

6. Push the button into the metal clip and slide it down to the bottom

7. Adjust the suspender belt strap length to suit

Remember to be gentle and check your hands and feet for dry skin. Enjoy wearing your stockings!


5 thoughts on “A quick guide to putting on stockings

  1. I so want to wear stockings but the gap above them is something I can’t stand and the suspender straps arevery irritating (and then the thigh rub as most stockings don’t go high enough to prevent that happening). Tights hate me…laddering almost immediately I get them on regardless of how gentle I am. I am thinking of making a kind of panty that is like the panty part of tights, but extends to just below the top part of the stocking and has its on integral garters but without extending the straps down from the hip area. Will be interesting to see if it will work.

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