Dolores 1940s Slingback Shoes by Royal Vintage

Royal Vintage Shoes has been supplying various vintage inspired shoes for a while now, however when they started stocking their own designs, I got very excited. Royal Vintage creates shoes directly inspired by the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, which makes their styles very wearable for me on a day-to-day basis.

Recently, Royal Vintage Shoes released seven new designs which quite frankly made my heart skip a beat. The 1940s are one of my favourite eras for shoes as they are incredibly beautiful, elegant and most importantly for me, comfortable. They don’t have skinny high-heels on that cause me to trip over ever other step, and I’m more than happy to wear them all day long. I previously managed to snag a pair of the Nita 1940s Ankle Strap Sandals, which I reviewed and loved. However I desperately wanted another pair from this collection, they are simply too good to miss.

I loved the Dolores 1940s Slingbacks straight away, but struggled to choose between the green pair and the brown pair. In the end I settled on the brown pair as I thought they would go really nicely with my brown fully-fashioned stockings.

As soon as they arrived, I tried on my new pair of heels and walked around the office in them. I fell in love straight away.

One of the reasons I love Royal Vintage shoes so much is the attention to historical detail. The leather stamped with an alligator pattern looks so realistic and authentic, and one could be forgiven for thinking they are genuine vintage!

I really appreciate the fact that the slingback strap isn’t elasticated as most modern shoes are, as that would have ruined the whole look. Instead, they strap is adjustable to fit the wearer’s foot perfectly. This is exactly what I love about this brand, they don’t cut corners and everything is well though through.

The last detail that really impressed me was the heel as is moulded directly from an original 1940s shoe; design doesn’t get any closer to the original than that!

The peep toe is the perfect size for me as I always wear stockings with a skirt or dress, so I prefer for my toes not to be too visible when wearing open-toe shoes. However, I love wearing slingbacks as it gives me the opportunity to show off my gorgeous vintage fully-fashioned stocking heels. I can’t think of a more perfect pair of shoes to pair with my stockings to be honest!

As always, I very much appreciate that Royal Vintage cater to women with larger feet. I mention this every time I review a pair of their shoes, but knowing that there is a brand out that that make stunning shoes in a size 11 makes a big difference, so thank you.

The shoes cost $150 USD and are worth every cent. With all the research, and attention to detail that goes into these shoes, I feel that this is a very reasonable price.

If you would like to look at their other Royal Vintage branded shoes, click here to see the full collection.


One thought on “Dolores 1940s Slingback Shoes by Royal Vintage

  1. Those are the most adorable shoes. I’m a part time gurl who dresses in retro clothing exclusively and always have trouble finding vintage style shoes. I hope they are available in larger sizes.

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