Marilyn Swim Dress by Sirens Swimwear

As I mentioned in my previous Sirens Swimwear review, I needed a nice retro swimsuit for our holiday to Thailand. I couldn’t choose between the Melody bikini in snow leopard and black and the Marilyn swim dress in summer sky stripes so I got both!

Ladies, I have to start by saying how AMAZING this bathing suit is. I have never owned anything that made me feel so glamorous at the beach. People were staring at me, probably thinking “why the hell is that woman wearing so much at the beach?” or “I wear that sort of dress when I’m our clubbing”, but I didn’t give a damn. This swimsuit is THE SH*T.

Let me explain why it is so amazing…. Firstly the bra cups, they have such a lovely retro shape to them! They are every so slightly bullet shaped and incredibly supportive. Just like the Melody bikini, they definitely accentuated by bust.

The straps are wide and adjustable, which is perfect for support. I also think wide straps work much better than thin straps would have done as it suits the style much better.

The longline body of the swimsuit was a dream! It is ruched on both sides which camouflaged all my lumps and bumps and created a beautiful smooth silhouette. But that’s not all, there is also shapewear lining on the inside! That’s right, I was basically wearing my dream swimsuit/waterproof corselette on the beach. I was slightly nervous that it would roll up throughout the day but it stayed in place all day and only required the occasional tug to keep it perfectly in place.

When I ordered the swim dress, I thought the bottoms were going to be small and just there to preserve a bit of modesty under what is effectively a short dress. However when my order arrived, the pants were MASSIVE! I was very pleased as they added an extra bit of support to my hips, bum and tummy.

There is one thing that I should warn you of though… If you buy this swim dress, you *may* require assistance when removing it.

I recently revisted the Sirens Swimwear website and discovered that there are two other versions of this swimsuit that I absolutely must own; the midnight rose garden and the cocktail black spot.

I paid $99 for my Marilyn swim dress and bought the size 16 in both the dress and the bottoms, it fit perfectly.


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