Rago Shapewear – Style 9357

Let me start this blog post by saying that I’m a big fan of Rago Shapewear. In my opinion, their foundations hold me in and smooth out my lumps and bumps beautifully, and despite some QA issues, they make consistently good products.

BUT. But, I am always annoyed by the all-in-one style 9357. I own three of them now, in black, white and mocha because I really want to like the style.

I really like that they smooth me from my bust to my bum, this corselette really makes my body look great, I mean look at the above photo! But it only looks this good once I have MANAGED TO GET INTO THE DAMN THING!

If you have ever attempted to put on or taken off a 9357, you will know what I’m talking about. It’s like a gym workout, trying to pull it up, pull it down, twisting it around my body when I’ve put it on wonky… I’ve previously put a finger through my black corselette during one such wrestling match. It almost makes me want to put it away in the back of my cupboard to collect dust.

Why can’t Rago make it easier to put on, with a zip or a row of hook and eyes up the side? It doesn’t need to be this difficult to get dressed.

I would also really appreciate it if Rago could become the first brand to make strong all-in-one garments for taller women. I’m 5’11”  and have a long body, which means that the bottom of the corselette barely covers my bum.

Not only does the length of this corselette not cover my bum, but it also pulls by bust down. I’m definitely not one for push up bras, but I also don’t wan’t my breasts to appear saggy!!

I have another issue with the bra cups… Why do they need to be so far apart? My breasts naturally point away from each other, which is something I’m self conscious of anyway, so I definitely don’t need that to be emphasised. I get and agree with the ‘lift and separate’ concept, but I feel like someone could drive a damn car between my breasts… I would really like to see the cups reshaped and/or repositioned closer to each other.

Overall, I think that once it’s on, this corselette definitely smoothes out the body from the underbust to the upper thighs nicely, but I really think it needs tweaks to take it from good to great. I won’t be buying this style again, and I probably won’t buy any of their all-in-one pieces either, unless they make some changes. It might work very well for people with different proportions to me, but this is definitely not a winner for my body. Sorry Rago.


3 thoughts on “Rago Shapewear – Style 9357

  1. I’m a big fan of these (I have FIVE!), but there are some very valid points here. I’ve wondered about the lack of a zipper before: the first corselette I ever owned was a Marks & Spencer with a hook & eye/zip at the front, and it was very easy to put on. I have three Greniers like that which I really should wear more often!

    “All-in-one” style garments aren’t for everyone: I’m 6′, but my height comes more from my legs, and I find that the merest hint of pantie peeks out below the hem. I’ve been told it’s a rather sexy look 😊 As to the cup spacing, I can’t say I’ve noticed, but I can see it being an issue for some.

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