Exquisite Form – Front Opening Soft Cup Posture Bra

I’m always on the lookout for different styles of bras to create different silhouettes or to deal with different issues. The Exquisite Form front opening soft cup posture bra solves two problems for me:

  1. Doing bras up from the back is not always easy!
  2. Back fat and bulges

My first issue – Let’s be honest, doing up bras at the back is a pain. Most days I’m fine but I sometimes have bad days when it takes me aaaages to do up my bra. When it comes to longlines, I usually bring the back of the bra to the front, fasten the hook and eyes and then twist the bra around. This quite frankly gets old fast, and if the bra is made of rough fabric, it can be a little painful too.

This Exquisite Form bra has answered all my front-fastening prayers, check it out:

This design detail makes putting on a bra so much easier and I wish more bras were made like this!

So back to my second point, back fat and bulges… this is a continuous battle for me and something that I’m very self-conscious of. This bra is great as it comes up quite high and despite looking like a standard length bra at the front, it is pretty much a longline at the back.

The reinforced criss-cross panels at the back don;t do anything for my posture but they definitely keep  everything smooth. Most importantly though, it’s SO COMFORTABLE!

This bra has no underwire (hurrah!), the straps are quite wide and the cups are a beautiful shape. I’m really in love with this style and I think it will become one of my go-to bras for the office. Oh and by the way, this bra comes in a longline style too…

For reference I’m wearing a 38DD and it fits the best out of all my Exquisite Form bras. It is also very reasonably priced at $24 USD.

Check out this bra and other designs on the Exquisite Form website!


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