Exquisite Form – Front Close Classic Support Bra

The final Exquisite Form bra that I will be reviewing this week is the front close classic support bra, and I’m very happy to end this week on such a positive product review.

This style is the front-fastening, standard length version of the 7532 style by Exquisite Form which I have also reviewed.

The cups which are three-piece soft cups don’t have underwires, are extremely comfortable and create a wonderful retro bust line. My bust is well supported and the shape is ever so slightly pointy. It’s definitely a good bra for women starting out in the retro scene and want to ease their way into the bullet shape, and it would definitely enhance any retro or vintage outfit.

I have heard quite a few people criticise the shape of retro inspired bras recently. They claim that this style of bra doesn’t create a cleavage and that the breasts seem to be too far away from each other. In contrast, the main function of modern bras seems to be to push the breasts together to create an exagerrated cleavage.

In my opinion, retro bras didn’t focus on creating a cleavage due to the fact that day-to-day fashions were, in the mid-century, a lot more modest than they are today. A lot less skin was on show and necklines were a lot higher, therefore bra cups came up very high on the chest, the cups sat at a natural width apart and as a consequence didn’t create much of a cleavage.

I personally love this style of bra as I find it incredibly comfortable and I also feel very self conscious having too much of a cleavage on show these days (this hasn’t always been the case though!).

This gap between the breasts is great for another reason, it allows for a strip of hook and eyes at the front rather than the back! I really love this feature on bras as it makes it so much easier to fasten them.

Standard bras usually have two or three rows of hook and eyes but as this only has one at the front. To compensate for the lack of hook and eyes, this bra has a thick elasticated section at the back to allow for a small amount of stretch if required.

As per my first review this week, this bra also has thick, cushioned, adjustable straps that help make wearing this bra even more comfortable.

For reference I’m wearing a 38DD and this bra costs $20 USD. Yes, a super-duper retro bra for $20!


4 thoughts on “Exquisite Form – Front Close Classic Support Bra

  1. I whole heartedly agree with your comments. I’m a full figured gurl and find that the Exquisite Form bras fit me the best, provide me with the shaping and bustline I desire that flatters the 1950’s style dresses that I where.

    I will add that under a high neck blouse with bow at the next these bra’s create a stunning shape that draws plenty of comments.

    Between Exquisite Form and Rago Shapewear these are all this gurl needs.

    Miss Penelope

  2. This looks ideal for corset wearing. Someone shared your post on the Orchard Corset Facebook page and I’m really grateful. Will keep this in undergarment mind and your blog, as well. Best wishes!

  3. I don’t wear retro clothing (I would love to, but my budget and sewing skills preclude it), but I used to own a bra very similar to this back in the 1990s before I had kids. My late MIL was a very practical woman and always gave me useful gifts. One year it was a bra fitting and a new bra back when our local JCPenney did that sort of thing. Oh, how I loved that bra! It was the only bra that made me feel “locked and loaded” without the discomfort of an underwire. I’ve occasionally searched for a replacement in recent years but have been put off by $80 price tags. I will definitely give this bra a try!

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