No Hips, No Slips!

I am lucky to have been contacted by all kinds of people since I started this blog. Although I have the most contact with women, I also hear from gentlemen who like to secretly slip on a nylon stocking every so often, female impersonators, cross dressers, and trans-women who are struggling to find underwear that fits their body just right, amongst others.

As such, I think it’s only fair that I represent everyone in my blog posts. I have previously published a few blog posts written by Rachael, a genetic male who cross-dresses. However, up until now I have felt a little nervous about writing this kind of post as I personally am a cis female, and I write about my own personal experiences. However, I thought I would try to lend my experience to people who may have different issues or requirements, based on their natural body shapes.

Recently I have received quite a few questions about how to keep suspender belts from falling down over typically ‘male’ hips, by this I mean that there is very little difference between the waist measurement and the hip measurement. Although many modern suspender belts are shown in product photos sitting on the hips, they should really sit around the natural waist, this helps to anchor the garment as womens’ hips are generally larger than their waists.

In my opinion, there are a few ways of resolving this issue.

  1. If you don’t have a waist much smaller than your hips, you can exagerrate it with a corset. This should help prevent the suspender belt from slipping over your hips. If you want some extra security, you could also try wearing the garter belt underneath the corset. The below photo is of Gabriel Moginot, who has clearly waist trained, but regardless, it shows how corsets can be used to exagerrate and nip the male waist.
  2. Wear a garter belt in a size smaller than the size you should wear according to size charts. For example, If your natural waist measures 36″, according to my Everyday Glamour size chart, you should choose size L. However, it could help to keep the belt up if you were to choose a size M, as long as you don’t mind it being a little tight around the waist.
  3. Make sure your stockings are long enough for the garter belt you are wearing. Even though I have huge hips and a relatively small waist in comparison, I have also had the issue of my garter belt slipping down. The reason for this is because on those occasions, my stockings were far too short for the suspension that I was wearing.

If your stockings are too short and can’t come up any higher, then the belt is going to come down! So, make sure that you choose the correct length stockings for your suspender belt. My Queen sized stockings are designed to come up high, which will put much less tension on the suspender straps than shorties would! Check out my Queen sized stockings, and note that they are suitable for people as tall as 6’7″!

I hope this helps, if you have any other tips please make sure to leave them in the comments!

And now, time for one of my favourite drag queens, Violet Chachki, because if anyone is going to inspire you to wear stockings and a suspender belt, it’s Violet!


12 thoughts on “No Hips, No Slips!

  1. Dearest Elinor, To say your NOT exactly what most cross dressers are looking for in a lady/partner would be rubbish. It is the understanding of why “gentlemen” of our kind dress in these oh so tight and confining garments that makes you so darn special! You are in tune with the welcomed feeling we find when dressed in what most women these days would consider ridiculous confining and unsuitable. Speaking for myself, I am particular to corsetry, and most anything that RAGO makes in the form of shapeware. When your wife-partner pulls on those laces slowly and with passion it is like a welcome hug pushing the male out and allowing the female persona to fill the void. BTW your are most alluring in every picture! We love you dearly for keeping the Nylon Swish alive and in good order. Cheers, Kathy Masters

  2. Dear Miss Elinor

    Thank you for being so kind to your crossdressing admirers. Unfortunately, we are left on our own to discover through trial and error what works and doesn’t work for our body types.

    I too have had difficulty keeping garter belts up and your suggestions of wearing a corset has made for an amazing improvement along with wearing longer hose. I will be ordering some from your store shortly.

    What I have done is wear all in one girdles or corsellettes to deal with garter belts slipping. The all in one prevents that from happening however as we all know these garments are quite utilitarian looking and not overly sexy in the eyes of some partners.

    I look forward to all your posts.

    Miss Penelope

  3. Thank you for thinking of us, Elinor. I do love your blog so! I have to say I have tied ‘safety’ cord around my waist on occasions to prevent a suspender belt slide becoming a complete collapse but it does rather spoil the feeling. Im now definitely on the look out for a corset!

  4. Hi Elinor, David Barber. What a very wonderful site and most informative. I grew up through the most feminine fashion decade that ever was, the 1950s. Oh for the return of those elegant fashion days in girls and women. Yes things were formal, but it was the height of elegance, galmour with a capital G. My favoutites of course, the wonderful swish and rustle of a taffeta skirt, cocktail dress, or romatic ball gown, and the wonderful swish and rustle of sheer fully fashioned sheer stockings with seams, as the lady sat down, crossed her legs, or as she walked. She was aluring but also in the most feminine way, without todays flash everything these days. A woman should be misterious about what she has on underneath. It would make a delightful short video, to see and hear the lovely rustle and swish of sheer nylon stockings, the lady or ladies rub their legs togther.
    With best wishes David Barber

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